Friday, November 20, 2015

Sample Reading: will he call me?

We went out on a first date. I think it went pretty well. Will he call me?

What’s happening: Waiting | 2 of Clubs
Underlying influences: Decrease | 5 of Diamonds
Outcome: Completion | 9 of Clubs

For this reading, I'm using my original deck, Over the Moon Oracle Cards.

If we simply look at the keywords, Waiting + Decrease = Completion, we can see that your waiting and decreasing interest will most likely lead to you giving up on this potential relationship. However, the yes/no/maybe response is Maybe, but only if you go after it. This means that if you pursue, you may be able to get a response from him.

The numerical theme for the reading is 7. Typically, when this theme appears you're asking, Should I take this path or action? In this case, perhaps your real question is, "Should I wait for a call from this person?" or "Should I pursue a relationship with him?"

Let's take a look at the other cards to see what's going on.

In Waiting, we see a woman waiting behind her door. This card shows where you are now, in waiting mode. But since the woman is behind a door it also suggests that you feel unable to step forward into this possibility. There is something holding you back. You are waiting for him to make the first move instead of taking a risk and leaving your comfort zone.

The middle card is Decrease. It depicts a mouse eating away at a block of cheese. This card reveals that something is slowly being nibbled away and in this case it's probably your interest in this guy. The middle card gives us the underlying influences. Decrease asks you if you really think this guy is worth it. Deep down, you may not see the value of investing the time, energy and emotions into a deeper connection.

The final card is Completion which shows something coming to a natural end. A little boy has put out his candle and is going upstairs to bed. This card suggests that things will come to a natural ending without going any further. You will "put this issue to bed." Blowing the candle out also suggests there's no passion here.

The answer to the question, Will he call me? is maybe, but only if you make the first move. You also need to examine if you really want to pursue this relationship. Is it worth it? Is he worth the time, energy and emotional investment? If you stay in waiting mode, it seems this will come to a natural conclusion where you simply don't have any more interest in the matter.

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