Monday, August 24, 2015

three rules for answering yes/no questions with playing cards

I have three rules that determine how I answer a yes/no question with playing cards.

RULE 1: Red = yes and Black = no. A predominance of red cards = yes. A predominance of black cards = no. This method usually works well in a larger spread.

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RULE 2: The suit combination of the last two cards (in my 3 card spread) carry more weight.

Not only is it important to consider the color of the cards but also the suit. Are two Clubs better than two Spades? Yes. Why? I've learned that with the right amount of frustration, perspiration, and determination you can change a NO to a YES. But if you're stuck and in denial, no amount of trying is going to help you until you're ready to accept the situation and change it.

For instance, a woman asks: Will my son get a good mark on his history test?

Deck: Brosmind playing cards

Based on RULE 1, the predominance of black cards tells us the answer is NO. However we need to give more weight to the last two card suits. Hearts are very positive. Clubs show challenges but also determination. A positive attitude + determination = YES. See the full reading in this blog post.

RULE 3: The final or outcome card carries the most weight. Therefore the order of the last two suits is important.

Which is better?

Hearts-Spades OR Spades-Hearts

Spades-Hearts is better because it shows you are able to get past the block and the outcome is positive. A Spades card in the outcome position doesn't necessarily signal NO. Rather it often suggests BUT or BE AWARE of a lingering issue or problem.

A female seeker asks, Will I find love this year?

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RULE 1: predominance of red cards = yes

RULE 2: suit combination of Heart + Spades = maybe but there will be an emotional loss

RULE 3: outcome is Spades = a block or impasse

My summary would be that yes she will find love this year BUT there may also be some emotional pain experienced too. By the end of the year she will have to accept and transform some issue to gain balance and equilibrium in her love life. See the full reading in this blog post.

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