Wednesday, January 28, 2015

will my son get a good mark on his history test?

Question submitted by a student on Your Future Is In The Cards:

My son had an history test (not written, it was an oral presentation) at high school. History is his favourite subject, but he had a lot of other things to do and not so much time to study. So, I did a reading asking if he would have got a good mark.

2 of Spades - 5 of Hearts - 7 of Clubs

The numerical theme is a 5, that is conflicts, at least in my mind (I was the querent, not him). According to the suits the answer is a "No". The last two cards mean "Maybe, but he has to act.... in this case he has to study and NOW!" 

I interpreted the 2 of Spades as the premise and, since I think he can't always choose the right words to express himself clearly and directly, I thought this could be a problem. The second card was easy.... as I said, he likes history so much... it's something giving him pleasure. I interpreted the last card as him not being as good as usual in history, so that he might somehow defend himself or explain to the teacher why it happened. Shortly, I thought that the mark would have been not so good... On the contrary, he got an excellent mark!

Do you think that I interpreted the cards wrong? Or that I wasn't concentrated enough?

Please share your exact question next time because sometimes the details of why the reading seems wrong are in how the question was worded. In this case, your primary error is in the interpretation of the yes/no specific answer. Clubs+Hearts = YES and act quickly.

Even if there are 2 black cards, the final two card suits always carry more weight. I think your interpretation was very good. The question is being asked because you know your son has problems w/this type of oral presentation (2 of Spades can show communication problems). But the 5 of Hearts is telling you he'll do well because this is his favorite subject.

Think of it like this: I have trouble w/oral presentations BUT history is my favorite subject SO yes I will get a high mark (Clubs + Hearts). If the first two cards were reversed we would have this situation: History is my favorite subject BUT I'm not so good w/oral presentations SO I may get a good mark but it will be a huge challenge (Clubs + Spades). Finally, the 7 of Clubs means an invasion of privacy or personal space that may require you to defend against critique or criticism. This is often a part of an oral presentation - defending your ideas or position.

The five numerical theme can relate to conflicts but as a numerical theme it simply shows the current vibration of the questioner. Since you asked the question on behalf of your son, he is the questioner for this reading. The five energy is about activity and play which is at odds with the focus and concentration needed to study for an exam so perhaps this is why the five numerical theme appears here.

What do you see? Share your insights in the comments section!

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