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The majority of the questions I receive are from people who have performed a reading and are confused about the cards that fell and their interpretation. Sometimes it's just nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on your reading or confirm what you see in the cards.

Free Interpretations through the Study Group

If you want a second opinion on your 3-card reading, post it in our Study Group for feedback.

Here's what you need to do:

(1) Do a 3-card spread using a regular playing card deck, or one of my original oracle decks. Here's what each card represents in the 3-card spread:

Card 1 = what's happening or past experience; the setting or environment; the lead character or role
Card 2 = the real issue or primary concern; what's really happening; underlying influences; conflict or problem
Card 3 = outcome or who will control the outcome; the answer to the question; where things are headed; who is affected by what's happening

(2) Join the Study Group and post your request for interpretation help as a new topic under Practice Readings. Please include (1) your question exactly as you stated it before shuffling the cards, (2) the 3 cards chosen (a photo would be great), and (3) your conclusions about the reading. You can also provide background info that you think may be helpful and questions about where you're stumped.

This encourages other readers to share their insights on your reading so hopefully you will receive lots of different perspectives. Please remember to give feedback.

I may also respond with my insights and may share your reading in an upcoming blog post.  

The Study Group is meant to increase our learning and growth as cartomancers!

~ Kristen

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