Thursday, December 1, 2016

FREE Christmas Spirit Oracle deck for you!

As a holiday gift to you, I designed a little oracle card deck inspired by the Christmas spirit. There are a total of 31 cards, one for each day in December.

This is a square format deck featuring copyright-free photos from and The cards are for personal use only but feel free to use the images online or print your own copy of the deck.

You can access the folder of images (including a card back image) in the FREEBIES section of my blog. I'm also working on a brief guide to accompany the deck (which I'll put in the Freebies section once completed) but you're encouraged to create your own interpretations as well.

I made a video to show you how to use the images to create your own printed deck through Printerstudio. Sorry the video has no sound but you can follow the yellow circle to follow my steps. You can follow the same process for too, which has 2 different square sizes. NOTE: To save time, in the video I only upload two images but be sure to upload all 31 into the card template before ordering. 

Happy Holidays! Enjoy!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

I was interviewed by Little Fox Tarot

Big news! Melissa at Little Fox Tarot interviewed me for her blog. Please check out the post HERE.

Little Fox Tarot has a great blog featuring interviews with diviners and creatives plus she offers tarot reading services.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

tarot blog hop: the 13th card
Click the photo above to check out the rest of the blog hop!

This month, I'm doing the very first tarot blog hop hosted by Tarot Rebels Facebook Group. We're focusing on the 13th card of tarot: DEATH.

In my Tarot Everywhere deck, I used an image of an expired parking meter to represent the energies of this card. In case you've never used a parking meter, it's a device used to collect money in exchange for parking for a limited amount of time. Typically, the time limit is 2 hours. If you do something called feeding the meter, that's a no-no. It's when you try to go beyond your time limit which of course isn't fair to others. If you're caught feeding the meter, you could receive a citation or fine. When your time limit is up, the TIME EXPIRED sign appears and it means it's time to move on.

The energy of the Death card is like a parking meter because it simply means that you're putting your energy (coins) into a cycle of experience for a particular time period (time limit), and when that time is over, you move on to the next cycle of experience.

I developed the Parking Meter Spread to demonstrate this pattern.

Time Limit: The purpose and focus of the current cycle of experience.

Insert Coin: What you bring to this cycle of experience in terms of your energy, outlook and actions. Compare this card to the Time Limit card. They should be in sync, showing that your energy matches the focus of the cycle.

Feeding the Meter: Challenges you can expect if you're not in sync with the current cycle.

Time Expired: How to prepare for the next cycle.

Here's my own reading using this spread.

Tarot Everywhere and Oracle Everywhere decks

Time Limit: King of Pentacles. The purpose and focus of this cycle is hard work. This King is a worker, not a delegator. He's out in the fields working all day long and he's happy to do it to provide for his family and community. This card tells me that I need to be working hard to shore up my financial future.

Insert Coin: 6 of Swords. This card depicts sailing across a lake. It has a very different energy than the King of Pentacles. This shows I'm taking things too easy right now, just floating along and not putting in the effort necessary to match this current cycle. I also interpret this card as going through a difficult transition often with help from others. Indeed, this is what I'm experiencing and it's a challenge to focus on work and material concerns. This card's placement next to the King of Pentacles reveals a directional cue of running away from or trying to escape from hard work.

Feeding the Meter: Ace of Pentacles. This shows that being out of sync with this cycle will impede future growth and manifestation. The King of Pentacles is the final card in the pentacles set. The Ace represents starting over in a new phase of growth. If I don't put in the hard work now, I won't be able to reap the benefits of this new phase.

Time Expired: Face Your Fears. To prepare for the next cycle, I must face my fears. This seems to resonate most with the escape aspect of the 6 of Swords. Perhaps there's something I'm running away from or am afraid to deal with directly. It looks like I'm going to have to face it head on in order to make a smooth transition into the next cycle.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

tarot & handwriting: your writing slant

In my previous post, Tarot and Your Handwriting, I compared the symbolism of the four tarot suits to the four handwriting types. In this follow up post, we're examining writing slant and the tarot cards that might reflect this symbolism. You can find my entire e-book, Tarot & Handwriting in my Freebies Folder.

Slant is an important variable in handwriting. It reflects emotional expression and how the writer faces life situations. This is an observation of outer personality rather than inner personality so it shows how the writer will be perceived by others, not necessarily how they feel inside.

There are three basic slants in handwriting: vertical, left, and right. The vertical slant doesn’t lean forward or backward. Upstrokes and downstrokes are more or less straight. These writers demonstrate a head-over-heart attitude. They are open to the experience of the moment but keep their emotions under control.

Photo Aug 24, 9 52 06 AM.png
We can see this intellectual control depicted in cards like The Emperor, Justice, and the King of Swords whose characters face forward. When these cards appear in your readings, they are showing you there’s a need to take emotional control and get clarity and perspective on your situation.

In the left slant, the handwriting looks as if it’s reclined, leaning backward. These writers maintain even more emotional control, at least outwardly. However, they can be charming in social situations while still remaining emotionally aloof. What you’ll realize is that they never really share much of themselves in conversation. Nothing personal at least. It reflects a person who feels different from others.

Photo Aug 24, 1 01 45 PM.png

We can see elements of aloofness and isolation in tarot cards like The Fool, The Hermit, and The World where the characters look and move toward the left. The Fool stands alone on a craggy hill, possibly about to take a leap. The Hermit secludes himself seeking knowledge and wisdom. The main character in The World lives in her own little bubble which is usually illustrated as a wreath encircling her. 

Finally, the right slant looks as if it’s racing forward toward something. This slant is all about emotional expression and the farther right it leans, the more outwardly expressive the person is. This writer is who the phrase “TMI” (too much information) was made for. They tend to overshare their feelings and ideas and may be seen as impulsive. The limitation of this writer is that they can be swept up in spontaneous action and emotions without really seeing things clearly or thinking things through.

Photo Aug 24, 9 51 03 AM.png
We can see this spontaneity and forward movement in cards like the 6 of Wands, the 10 of Wands, and the Knight of Cups. In the 6 of Wands, the main character is swept up by the energy of the crowd. In the 10 of Wands, the character is so caught up in his work that he can’t see where he’s going. And the Knight of Cups follows his emotions wherever they lead him.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

tarot blog hop: autumn, haiku & tarot

Guess what?! I'm in another blog hop! This one is hosted by Sharron @gypsyarts on Instagram! We're making connections between tarot and the season of Autumn.

I've been exploring the symbolism of the seasons as I work with a new oracle deck creation, the Haiku Oracle. It's a deck that delivers readings in the form of divinatory poems based on the translated haiku of haiku master, Matsuo Basho. Each card contains part of a full haiku. When you combine the cards together in different ways or choose them randomly, you create a unique poem that reflects your current outlook and situation.

Haiku traditionally reference a season and seasons have specific symbols and moods. For instance, summer haiku includes symbols such as melons, coolness, and heat. Haiku referencing summer typically conveys a mood of play, laziness, enjoyment and laughter.

Autumn haiku, on the other hand, symbolically relates to letting go, endings, and passing time. This is seen in symbols such as falling leaves, cold night, sea, fog, and animal symbols like the owl and cicada. As a creative exercise, I chose cards from the Haiku Oracle face up to create a few Autumn-based poems.

Next, I wondered if I could find tarot cards to match the poems I created. I looked through my Tarot Everywhere deck to find cards that seemed to match or resonate with the poem.

Actually, I think this is a great exercise to try with any haiku or poetry. Find a poem or haiku and then go through your tarot deck face up to locate a tarot card that matches its mood or symbols.

You may get clarity or new insights on a few cards too. For instance, I hadn't associated the mood of boredom with this Page of Pentacles card until I decided to pair it with this poem.

This experiment provided a unique way to use the Haiku Oracle AND look at tarot in a new way!

Purchase the Haiku Oracle & Tarot Everywhere

The Autumn Equinox marks the balance between light and dark and is also known as Mabon by Pagans and Wiccans. To celebrate Autumn, several of us have banded together to support YOUR Equinox Journey, offering tarot and oracle card spreads; information on how to work with the Colours of Autumn; tips on working with your Inner Cauldron; new additions for your Art Journal; creative writing tips; working with Lilith; the journey of Persephone, Demeter and Hades, and much much more. To read the next article in the Fall Tarot Blog Hop, "click here."

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

how does your garden grow...a reading with multiple decks

I can't get enough of spreads. And on Instagram there's a #newspreadsaturday challenge where you can find original spreads the first Saturday of every month. One of my favorite contributors is Steve Seinberg (@arrowinflight) who comes up with the most original spreads. Here's one of them.

1 = Gardener. What's your style as a cultivator? Are you a warrior, and your garden a battleground? Are you a sweet, nurturing type? A mystic? Selfless...or selfish? What kind of a gardener are you?

2 = Garden. What are you growing? Foodstuffs for sustenance? Flowers for beauty? Is it an inanimate collection, like a rock garden, cultivated for meditative purposes? Or do you garden just for the sake of the activity itself?

3 = Green Thumb. What are you naturally great at cultivating?

4 = Black Thumb. What do you tend to fail at when cultivating?

5 = Weeds. What tends to show up unbidden, and to feed on your efforts when you're trying to cultivate something else?

6 = Pests. Who or what steals away the fruits of your gardening labors when you're not watchful enough?

Here's my reading. I'm using a mix of my tarot and oracle cards because I find that different decks are best at answering different questions and also because it's just fun.

Gardener = The Moon (The Animal Tarot). I'm a mystic gardener. I garden in darkness under a full moon. This symbolizes my introverted nature and desire to look under rocks and darker places of life.

Garden = Ace of Swords (Tarot Everywhere). I'm growing sharp and pointy things. I'm a natural cynic and this card always suggests a sharp wit that can turn critical quickly. On the positive side, I'm growing clarity in states of confusion. This corresponds with the first card in that I like shadow work and anything that brings greater clarity to the soul.

Green Thumb = BE LOVABLE (Oracle Everywhere). Wow! I didn't think being lovable was something I was naturally great at, but I've been working on it!

Black Thumb = WORK HARD(ER) (Oracle Everywhere). Okay, I knew this. I detest working or anything with the word work in it like "workout." I'm trying to find ways to work smarter and not harder.

Weeds = 10 of Pentacles (Tarot Everywhere). The first thing I notice here is lemons, sourness, feeling like life keeps throwing these at me. But there's only one thing to do with lemons...make lemonade.

Pests = 6 of Pentacles (Tarot Everywhere). The 6 of Pentacles represents a generous personality and someone who is very open to sharing with others. It steals away the sharp and pointy things I'm growing. Visually, it looks as if someone is offering the Ace of Swords an ice cream cone as if to say "lighten up." The 6 of Pentacles energy is a healthy counterbalance to my laser-focused critical mind.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

tarot blog hop: a union of opposites

I'm doing another tarot blog hop y'all! This time our blogWrangler is Aisling the Bard presenting the topic: Lammas, A Union Of Opposites. There are two options and I'm doing option B:

B) Find a pair of cards which work as a unit but represent two opposite views of the same situation. They both may be in the same suit or in two different suits, one may be major and one minor arcana, but if one were to receive both these cards in a reading, how would one represent the opposing energies thereof as they apply to the same situation?

I decided to use the Tarot Everywhere deck because I created it with some opposing cards.

For example, the 7 of Pentacles was designed to reflect the slow growth and anticipation of the ripening stage while the 10 of Pentacles reveals the resulting harvest. When these two cards pop up together in a reading, I've also found they can mean, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

I like to use "call and response" cards in my decks which sometimes reveal opposing views. The 5 of Pentacles depicts a hitchhiker out on the road by himself, needing assistance. The 6 of Pentacles depicts someone offering an ice cream cone as a gesture of friendship. The call is the 5 of Pentacles and the response is the 6 of Pentacles. Hopefully, if the 5 of Pentacles appears in a reading, the 6 of Pentacles will follow showing that you have asked and received the help you need.

I also created some visual pairs by accident. The 7 of Cups and 2 of Pentacles are visual opposites: the sky and the earth. If they both appear in a reading, it can mean that you need to get your head out of the clouds and make the most realistic choice. Or, alternatively, it can show that you're too stuck in black and white thinking and need to use more imagination.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spread: coming together and falling apart

Many, many months ago, I ran across this quote on a blog post:

“We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don't really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It's just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy. ”  
Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heartfelt Advice for Hard Times

I thought it had the ring of a good spread. Here's the Coming Together and Falling Apart spread:

Card 1: The problem: Choose this card face-up from your deck. This means to go through the deck and find a card that depicts your problem, worry or concern.

Card 2: What the problem looks like when it's falling apart.

Card 3: What the problem looks like when it's coming together.

Card 4: How to make room for grief.

Card 5: How to make room for relief.

Card 6: How to make room for misery.

Card 7: How to make room for joy.

My reading:

I chose the 2 of Wands as the problem card because it shows my sense of always being unsettled and on the move. I haven't stayed in the same place for more than 4 years for all of my adulthood and I'm just realizing how much I want to be in a more stable environment and somewhere I can call home.

Lay the first three cards in this order: Card 2 - Card 1 - Card 3.

Now that the cards are side by side, I can easily see a pattern: When things become too structured, rigid and buttoned up (Emperor), I pack my bags (2 of Wands) and prepare for a new adventure...a fresh start (Ace of Pentacles). I guess when I look at it this way it doesn't seem so bad. I've been  believing I want a more structured environment but this reading tells me that's it's the structure that creates my impulse to break free.

I used my Oracle Everywhere deck to provide guidance for the journey. Love Your Reflection is how I can make room for grief. I intended this card to be about self-love, but I think there's a more visual cue here too -- photography. When I'm grieving the loss of people and places I'm leaving behind, I should take photos!! I take photos of lots of things but rarely as a sentimental gesture.

To make room for relief I can Follow A New Path. This card here suggests that there is a sense of relief in following a new path and embarking on a new journey, despite my claim to desire a more stable existence.

To make room for misery I can Rise Above, perhaps seeing my transition from a higher perspective. Maybe my desire to leave and start over is really serving an important purpose in my evolution.

Finally, Move Your Body came up for making room for joy. This card is about dancing and free expression. It shows the joy you get from feeling uninhibited and just going with the flow of life.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

blog hopping again...with Willows East

I've connected with Gretchen at Willows East for another blog hop. It's a pretty simple one where we share stuff about what we do and why.
The idea is to briefly introduce visitors to your Tarot or Intuitive blog, journey, mission, or business.
Here's a link so you can visit Gretchen and the other blog hoppers:

1. What brought you to Tarot?
When I was 19 a long-time friend handed me a tarot deck as a gift and said, "This looked like something that would be right up your alley." At the time, I had never heard of tarot before and I'm not sure she had either. But she did know I interpreted dreams and analyzed handwriting so tarot seemed equally mysterious and awesome. It was the beginning of a life-long love affair.

2. Which deck is your favorite?

My oldest favorite tarot deck is the Tarot of the Ages. It has the most sumptuous artwork I've ever seen and I appreciate the realistic body images.

But since I mostly use the decks I create now, my favorite would be a toss up between Tarot Everywhere and The Animal Tarot. Tarot Everywhere began as a photo project. I began noticing tarot cards in photos and soon those photos became this tarot deck. It seems to be a deck that most people can relate too. The Animal Tarot is a deck that features photos of animals instead of people. I like that it's not a fluffy, pretty deck -- the animals are serious and in their different natural habitats. It's a great deck for combining tarot and animal totem wisdom.
Tarot Everywhere

The Animal Tarot
3. Link to your Tarot business page, shop, or explain the purpose of your blog.
I have started many, many blogs. The one I had before this one was a collection of my posts on cartomancy, tarot, and divination tools ( During that time, I started creating my own decks. My initial purpose was to make or use images to represent tarot cards since there are so many copyright restrictions on using deck images. When I posted photos of my decks, people asked: Are you going to sell them? When can I buy it? Why won't you sell it?

At the time, I didn't know of a simple way to sell them until Printerstudio (the printer I use) offered a SELL YOUR DESIGN feature where you can make your designs available for others to purchase. By that time, I had made two decks that I was ready to share. So, I started this blog as a way to  demonstrate ways to use them in readings. Now, I've published 15 decks on Printerstudio (and counting). You can find my decks in my Printerstudio shopspace:

4. What makes your journey or business unique?

I don't know that my journey is unique. I'm just another tarot nerd obsessed with cards!

5. Ask your deck, higher self, or guide, what it would like to share with visitors. Draw one card and/or share your response.

I'm working on an exciting new deck concept that uses haiku as a divinatory and meditation tool. Each card features one line of a translated haiku by Matsuo Basho. When you pull three cards, you create a new poem.

in a world of one color
flecked with mud
spring rain

Since I've been having strong empathic reactions surrounding recent #BlackLivesMatter incidents, I believe the poem is a commentary on it. I'm interpreting the spring rain as an impending and necessary healing that will wash away the mud (blocks/places where we're stuck) in our one color world (we're all one).

I'm making tarot & oracle decks, and divination courses

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What's wrong with this tarot reading?

I'm in quite a few Facebook tarot groups now and it's a great learning experience to see how others read and interact with their tarot cards. "What's wrong with my reading?" seems to be a predominant theme for discussion. Readers are struggling to get the "right" answers from the cards. Here's my perspective on common tarot reading mistakes.

Tarot Everywhere deck (purchase HERE)

Using the wrong spread for the question. This is a very common mistake. You're asking a guidance question (What action should I take?) but you're doing a past-present-future reading. The past-present-future spread will only give you an outcome answer, not a guidance answer. 

Not using the visual image. Are you going by the traditional meanings for the tarot card and ignoring the card image? The visual image on the card is there to aid your interpretation and, in many cases, there's some specific information you can receive if you just look at the image. It's fine to blend the image with the traditional meaning, but it doesn't make sense to ignore the visual. Learn how to use the visual image with the story method of interpretation.

Putting power in your cards and not your abilities. "My cards are broken." If you can't interpret your reading or you don't feel your cards are "speaking" to you anymore, don't blame the cards. They're just pieces of cardstock. It's more likely that you haven't devised a clear system of centering yourself and interpreting the cards.

Asking two questions at the same time. "When will he come back and if he does should I let him move in with me?" This is two questions: a timing question (when...), and a guidance question (what should I do...). Different types of questions require different approaches. Of course, there's a way to choose just one card to answer both questions but if you haven't established HOW you will do this before you shuffle, you may not be able to interpret the answer. Check out this post on the seven different types of questions.

No question. Questions give context to the reading and interpretation. The same card can have a multitude of meanings depending on the question. Have a method for answering general questions. You can get a reliable response by asking a question without any context but you must have a reliable methodology or spread you use to do so. Read 10 Questions, 1 Card to understand how to use context to interpret the cards.

Relying on psychic ability instead of the cards. If you're claiming to do cartomancy, then read the cards. Don't let your intuition contradict what you're seeing. So often your intuition may be giving you a feeling or helping you to empathize with the client but your empathy will not give them an accurate answer to their question. 

Judging instead of reading. "I don't care what the cards say. I can't support adultery so I can only see devastation in your relationship with this married man." Or, "that's a stupid question." There are no stupid questions. Just questions that seeker's need answered. And that should be your only concern. If you're reading tarot for others, you're a service provider which means your job is to provide the service, not serve up judgement. Keep your opinions to yourself and read the damn cards!

A limited view of the tarot card suits. One of the most common questions I hear is how to interpret Pentacles in a relationship reading. If you're still associating Cups with just relationships and Pentacles with just money, you're headed for trouble. Instead of using the suits to represent different arenas of life, see them as actions instead. Check out these posts to learn to read suits in new ways:

The Role of Tarot Suit Emblems
Use Tarot Suit Combinations To Find The Reading's Theme
Tarot and Your Handwriting

All of these errors boil down to a couple of guidelines. 
  • Read the cards. Get your emotions and judgement out of it. 
  • Begin with a question even if the question is "What do you need to know right now?"
  • Look at the pictures. That's what they're for. 
  • Interpret based on context.

Did you know Tarot Mentoring comes with your $25/month Patreon support? You receive email mentoring and feedback on up to three of your own readings each month.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

tarot blog hop: junk mail tarot

I'm excited to be participating in my first tarot blog hop!

blogWrangler Morgan Drake Eckstein came up with this month's theme: Junk Mail Tarot...A tarot art project for non-artists! The idea is to make a tarot card using junk mail, old magazine photos, or stock photos online. Then discuss why you chose those images for that particular card. This seemed perfect for me since I create tarot and oracle decks using old book illustrations, vintage photos, and art I make on my iPhone.

I decided to do an iPhone photo collage (using photos from representing the tarot card Temperance. It shows a dancer deftly balancing on a stack of stones which floats on the ocean. Temperance, to me, is about learning to stay balanced and going with the flow despite changes in the "current" of your life.

Here are a few of my favorite cards I've already made.

This is the Fool card from my "Selfie" tarot deck for a #diytarotchallenge last year. It's my silhouette superimposed with a photo I found on The image depicts my head as a spiral floating in the clouds. For me the spiral represents an unending flow of energy that propels you into new experiences and higher evolution with each revolution. The Fool is a perpetual seeker and dreamer. His head is in the clouds and he's always looking for the next new experience to take him to higher levels of understanding.

This card is from my Tarot Everywhere deck. In the tarot, The World features a woman dancing inside a circle. The circle is a key symbol because it represents something coming full circle, completion, and wholeness. At the end of the series of trumps, The World card signifies you've integrated the lessons of the other major arcana. This image of a basketball going through the hoop symbolizes winning at the game of life. The rim is the circle and the basketball (also another circle) dances within it. This card represents success, achievement and fulfillment.

This Sun card is from a personal deck I made for Black History Month earlier this year. The Marseilles version of this card depicts two people together in kinship. I used this photo of Venus and Serena Williams for The Sun to depict victory, happiness, and also familial love. It's wonderful when you've accomplished something alone, but I think success is sweeter when shared. Watch the video on how I made this deck using the Photo Artista Haiku app.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

what is your dominant psychic gift?

Many people believe that psychic ability is necessary to read cards. Not so. Divination is a system. The better the system you create, the better your card readings. But we all want to be magical so here's a way to make you more aware of your magic in the form of psychic gifts.

Extra sensory perception or psychic ability is the ability to perceive beyond the five senses. It usually manifests in the form of one of these four "clairs." In this case, "clair" means clear as in perfect clarity.

Clairvoyance is clear seeing. This might manifest as seeing a movie unfold about the person's life when you do a reading. It can also manifest as having vivid prophetic dreams.

Clairaudience is clear hearing. This might manifest as hearing your spirit guides or angels communicate with you. You may also hear music or sounds from other dimensions.

Claircognizance is clear knowing. This might manifest as just knowing what a reading is about when you look at the spread, even without interpreting the cards. It can also show up as knowing when someone is about to call you.

Clairsentience is clear feeling. This appears as a physical sensation. For example, you might get a zing in your hand when you touch an important card. I also include empathic ability - to feel what others feel - under this ability as well.

Typically, people will have one or two dominant modalities. It's helpful to know which ones are dominant or more natural to you if you want to strengthen them. I also think it's useful to know your abilities so you can market your services more accurately. For example, if you're doing clairvoyant readings with tarot cards, you should state that when you market your tarot services. 

To perform this reading, use a deck of playing cards. Remove the Jokers. Shuffle the cards with the focus, "What is my dominant psychic gift?" Refer only to the card suit and use this key for your interpretation.

Diamonds = Clairvoyance
Clubs = Clairaudience
Spades = Claircognizance
Hearts = Clairsentience

If you happen to choose a face card, you may also have a special purpose or role for sharing your gift.

Jack = Networker. Your role is to help others connect about their psychic abilities. An example might be starting a Facebook group on this topic.
Queen = Teacher. Your role is to teach others how to develop their psychic abilities.
King = Leader. Your role is to guide others and perhaps pioneer new concepts in this field.

Alternatively, you can ask, "What are my primary and secondary psychic gifts?" and choose two cards. To find out how to develop your abilities or ways you can apply your abilities, choose a card from a tarot or oracle deck.

I asked, "What are my primary and secondary psychic gifts?" and received the 3 of Diamonds for clairvoyance and the 8 of Hearts for clairsentience. The clairsentience makes a lot more sense to me since I definitely feel everything. The cards show that my clairvoyant ability is a bit weaker since it's only a number 3 on a scale of Ace - King. I went to my Tarot Everywhere deck for some clarification. I asked, "What do I need to develop my clairvoyance?" and "How can I use my clairsentience?"

To develop my clairvoyance, perhaps I need to practice aeromancy or cloud divination as the King of Swords appears to be doing. Seeing patterns and shapes in the clouds is a great way to develop clairvoyance and the ability to scry.

The 4 of Pentacles depicts a super cluttered space and reminds me of the Soul Full Spaces Consulting I've done in the past. I should continue to use my clairsentience to dowse for energy drains and geopathic stress that prevent people from living comfortably in their homes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#storiesandoracles Day 12: Robin Hood

Here's another spread from the #storiesandoracles challenge on Instagram. This time, the spread is based on the story of Robin Hood.

Card 1: Robin Hood ~ How can I be the hero in my own story? SHARE WHAT YOU CAN SPARE
This card has been popping up a lot lately. It's a warning not to stretch yourself too thin. Being generous is a virtue but not at the cost of your health or sanity. It's funny that this card shows up in the Robin Hood position since his good deeds centered around generosity to others. But this message tells me I need to share only what I can spare of my time, energy and assistance so I won't feel so burned out and overextended. 

Card 2: Maid Marion ~ How can I be my own lover? STOP COMPARING
This card tells me to stop comparing  my skills and talents and progress with others. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Card 3: The Sherif ~ How am I the villain in my own story? SET YOUR SIGHTS HIGHER. In this case, I interpreted this card as what I'm NOT doing. I'm not setting my sights higher and striving to get what I truly deserve out of life. I'm playing small instead of thinking big!

Oracle Everywhere Deck

Card 4: Little John ~ How can I be my greatest support? LOVE YOUR REFLECTION. How perfect is this? I can support myself by simply loving who I am.

Card 5: King Richard ~ How can I rescue myself? EXPLORE
I think in light of the other cards this one is about exploring new possibilities, getting out of my comfort zone, and thinking of life as a grand adventure.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

#storiesandoracles Day 5: The Gingerbread Man: Cooking Up Creativity

I'm doing a half-ass job at participating in this month's #storiesandoracles challenge on Instagram created and hosted by @thebookishfox @waves_0f_grace and @mytarot3. But these spreads are just so clever I want to share some of them with you!! This challenge presents a month of spreads created by the hosts and based on fairy tales. And who doesn't like fairy tales?! This one is based on the story of the gingerbread man. Here's my reading.

The Gingerbread Man: Cooking Up Creativity Spread 

The Animal Tarot (available HERE)

Card 1: Where does my inspiration come from? 9 of Fire
I specifically used this deck because I used elemental suits and was hoping a minor arcana card would show up here to represent what element produces my inspiration. I'm inspired by Fire which to me relates to quick, frenetic energy that needs an outlet. I also think of the 9 of Fire as the worst-case scenario card. It's about waiting for the shoe to fall or preparing for the worst (but expecting the best!). This is actually the source of my inspiration for a lot of things. I like to be prepared for everything so I'm constantly learning.

Card 2: What can I do to remain open to the creative ideas that come to me? 3 of Air
Stay hungry. Notice the open mouths of the baby birds waiting to be fed. To remain open to the creative ideas that come to me, I need to keep desiring them. They are like food or sustenance to me.

Card 3: What is my most treasured creation? Knight of Water
I'm interpreting this as emotional depth. I usually see this card as diving deep into the emotional depths. My most treasured creation is my emotions and deep sensitivity. 

Card 4: How can I share this gift with the world? 5 of Air
Haphazardly?! The 5 of Air shows birds flying out of formation. They may even have gotten into a bit of a squabble about their direction. Air suggests communication, speech, and discussions. So perhaps this means I can share my gift with the world through talking or communicating in some way.

Card 5: What do I need to let go of to allow my ideas to grow and evolve? The World
Hmmm. I often think of pride when I see the peacock so that's something to let go of. But The World also suggests maybe I'm thinking too big or too broad. I don't need to get my message out to everyone. Just the few who really want and need it. 

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

May rewards and other news

Here's what's going on this month on Patreon and beyond!

First of all, a hearty thank you to all of my Patreon patrons for your donations last month. Your support helped me to purchase some prototype decks that I'm currently working on, including a unique Kipper deck concept.
If you're wondering what Patreon is, it's a place where you can support your favorite ongoing creative projects and creative people. I've decided to use it as a repository for all my goodies (my divination ebooks; tutorials on making your own tarot or oracle deck; sneak previews of decks in progress; FREE readings with new decks; a study group for practicing tarot and other forms of divination; mentoring feedback; and much more) Plus, you can participate in my deck creating process by providing input on artwork and card interpretations!
I've decided to launch The Geomancy Deck this month after a request on Instagram and an increased interest in this subject from the divination community because of Kelly's (The Truth in Story) recent YouTube lessons on geomancy.

This month on Instagram, I'm sharing a mini-course on the 16 figures of geomancy. I'll be pulling this information + additional resources and background on geomantic divination into a little ebook as a reward to share with my Tier 2 ($5/month) Patreon supporters.

For next month's Tier 2 reward, I'm planning to share an ebook on tarot and handwriting. It will expand upon my recent blog post. I think you'll get some surprising insights about both tarot and your handwriting!!

Patreon posts you missed last month (these posts are only accessible by patrons):

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This month, in my private Patreon stream, I'll also be sharing...
  • FREE readings using deck prototypes
  • sneak previews of decks in progress
  • an exercise to develop your psychic ability
  • a tarot timing exercise
  • a unique wallpaper based on a new Kipper cards deck concept
How can you get access to my private Patreon stream? Just become my supporter. You can make a pledge as low as $1/month. You'll receive rewards based on the Tier you join. And when we get to $100/month in pledges I'll do my first deck giveaway with the deck of your choice!

~ Kristen

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