Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tarot Everywhere + Oracle Everywhere

I've just launched two new decks that have been getting a lot of attention on Instagram already: Tarot Everywhere and a companion deck, Oracle Everywhere.

This deck began as a photo project. I began noticing tarot cards in photos on and soon those photos became this tarot deck. This is designed as a traditional tarot deck based on the Rider-Waite symbolism for the most part. Some of the cards are visual interpretations of that deck while other cards present my interpretation of the symbolism of the card.

This is an advice oracle deck containing 52 cards. Each card has a brief action-oriented statement offering advice accompanied with a photo from The advice offered is simple and direct. Some of it is nurturing, like "Nourish yourself" or "Take a break" while other cards admonish you to alter behaviors: "Stop comparing" or "Let down your guard." It can be used as a stand alone deck for a variety of different readings, especially readings where you're seeking guidance.

How can you use these two decks together?

Energy + Advice Reading
One way is to do a daily reading with a card from each deck. Choose a card from the tarot deck for today's energy and a card from the oracle deck for advice on handling that energy.

Exercise: Card Pairs
Another way to use these two decks together is a card pair exercise. Choose a tarot card and try to find an oracle card that has a similar focus or meaning. Pairing the cards in this way will help you get to know the decks faster and will also help you understand the cards when they appear in your readings.


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