Thursday, September 3, 2015

how to use face card directional cues

In a standard deck of playing cards, the face cards actually face different directions. This gives the cartomancer a great advantage in a reading. This directional cue helps you understand how other people are affecting the seeker. We're going to take a look at how this works, but, first let's get a basic understanding of who the face cards represent as people.

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Face Cards as People

Face cards can represent many things including places and situations but I usually interpret face cards as people who are influencing the seeker.

In general, I use the Queens for females and the Kings for males but the face cards can also represent roles so they may not show up based on gender.

Hearts face cards are loved ones, dear friends and family members and those who give the seeker love and support.

Diamonds face cards are co-workers, service providers, those who give financial support and relate to the seeker in practical ways.

Clubs face cards are friends, comrades, exercise partners, colleagues, (sometimes leaders in the seeker's life), and those who share activities with the seeker.

Spades face cards lack an emotional connection to the seeker and are often a source of worries or problems. They may also represent people in remote positions of authority like a judge.

Face Cards and Outlook
We can use the card suits to determine the outlook of a person influencing the seeker. This can help you understand their motivations and how long their influence may last.

Look at the suit the face card looks toward to show the outlook of that person. Remember outlook is NOT personality. It's a temporary attitude. It can also alter the nature of the suit personality. For instance, Hearts people are generally happy and friendly but if a Hearts face card faces Spades, this person is unhappy and pessimistic. The suit explains their role in your life while the facing card tells you how they are feeling at the moment.

Here are some possibilities:

Jack of Diamonds facing Clubs = the seeker's nanny is frustrated and impatient

King of Clubs facing Hearts = the seeker's male colleague is optimistic and happy

Queen of Spades facing Diamonds = the seeker's female rival is patient and persistent

King of Hearts facing Ace of Spades = the seeker's husband is pessimistic and unhappy

Face Card Interactions
You can use the same directional cues to see how people in the seeker's life are interacting with each other. Face cards that are side by side facing each other shows confrontation, rivalry, competition or a heated conversation. Face cards back to back show two people who are not speaking to each other. Face cards facing each other with one card between them show a discussion about whatever the middle card represents.

Let's look at two examples. We're going to assume each face card represents a different person. I've labeled them to show you how these face cards often appear in different scenarios.

SCENARIO 1 - Top Row
Let's say we have pulled cards to describe the seeker's work situation. It looks like the seeker works with a favored employee who is employee of the month (Jack of Hearts). This person is frustrated and impatient (facing Clubs) and not speaking to another employee who is a troublemaker (Jack of Spades). It also seems that the troublemaker has been confronted by the boss (King of Clubs) and they have had a heated conversation.

SCENARIO 2 - Bottom Row
Let's say these cards are about the seeker's home life. It seems her husband (King of Hearts) isn't speaking to his ex-wife (Queen of Spades). However the ex frequently discusses their family life with the seeker's mother-in-law (Queen of Diamonds).

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  1. Hi, Kristen,
    Great post, and very helpful examples you've given.
    I do have a question: How about when a face card is the first card in the line and not facing the other cards? Is there are particular way to read that with direction in mind?
    In my particular case, I've been having the Jack of Hearts turn up as the first card in a row, and he doesn't face the other cards.
    Appreciate any insights you can share!

    1. Hi James, thanks for stopping by and great question! My go-to spread is a 3-card spread so when face cards appear in the first position they are telling me about an important person influencing the question or a role the seeker is playing. If there is another face card in the reading, then you will have a conversation between the Jack of Hearts and the other face card. For example, JH-3S-QS shows a disagreement between the Jack and Queen about a betrayal. If the Jack doesn't face the other cards and they are pips, then I don't factor in outlook. I assume it's not important to the question. Hope that helps! I have all of the face card interactions explained in my course, Your Future Is In The Cards!