Thursday, March 30, 2017

digging deep with divination & poetry

I'm jumping right into hosting another challenge on Instagram -- the Haiku Oracle Challenge!! It's a challenge designed to help you understand and interpret my Haiku Oracle cards. You'll create 30 poems based on the 30 prompts for the month of April (which is also National Poetry Month). Feel free to use one, two, three or more cards for your poems.

For most of the prompts you can pull cards at random for a divinatory poem. The prompts that begin, "Create a poem..." are asking you to create a face up poem. However, you can create your poems any way you choose.

I hope you'll join this challenge. We'll be posting our cards and poems using hashtag #haikuoraclechallenge. If you don't have the cards yet, you can just make up poems, or use some of the fun poetry magnets or poetry dice games available. Learn to work with the Haiku Oracle in my new course, Haiku Oracle: Digging Deep With Divination & Poetry.

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