Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sample Reading: general reading for the month

Question submitted by a student on Your Future Is In The Cards:

Hi, I'm new at this and pulled out 3 cards- 9hearts, big joker and 6 diamonds... not sure how to interpret this reading, My question was a general for the month and what would occur... am I reading this spread correctly? Thank you

You set an intention to do a general reading for the month so each of the cards is giving you information about that. The first card represents the setting/environment for the month or your current experience. The middle card shows the primary concern, underlying influence, or possible problem that will occur during the month, while the final card shows the outcome for the month.

If we make a formula of the basic meanings of each card, your reading is:

a wish + major shake up = bonus, gift, extra

In every reading, all three cards are connected to each other. The energy of the first card will lead to the energy of the last card. So you can summarize this reading as you have a wish about something (perhaps its financial based on the final card). You can expect a major shake up that leads to a bonus, gift, or extra. Of course, the 6 of Diamonds may not relate to money at all. It can relate to extra work or extra people, although it's typically a positive card.

We can also look at the numerical theme (in this case 6) for insight into your personal energy for the month. The 6 theme shows a conflict between responsibility and reward. You may have been putting others ahead of yourself and now are wondering if it will pay off. The 6 of Diamonds suggests that it will.

Hope that makes sense, although you may not recognize the energies of this reading yet since you did a general reading for the month. They may reveal themselves over the course of the month.

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