Monday, September 28, 2015

Real Talk: where are you on your life path?

Choose one card (below) to reflect your current life path.

Scroll down for insight.

I'm using my Life Path Cards, a deck in progress. They should be available for purchase by early 2016 (or possibly earlier).


To keep you from peeking ahead accidentally, 

I've filled up this space with some important messages. 

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Tarot Everywhere is a tarot deck that reinterprets the RWS symbolism with modern photographs.

Oracle Everywhere is a 52-card oracle deck that delivers no nonsense advice for all types of questions.


Life Path #1
A city scene often reflects the hustle and bustle of life. If you chose this path, it may be a call to examine your interaction with others and your community as well as the busy-ness of your day to day experiences. Perhaps you're feeling tired of the daily grind, of being told where to go, what to do and how to do it. It may be time to find your own path, away from the crowds, and do your own thing.

Life Path #2
If you chose this life path, you may be facing a change in your current situation that involves achievement and challenge. Since the stairs go up, you may be evolving from one level of experience to another. Perhaps you're increasing your knowledge and new opportunities may open to you. However, it may be a slow and challenging process and it may feel like an uphill struggle.

Life Path #3
This path puts you on a bridge through a forest. Forests often represent your relationship to your inner nature so, if you chose this life path, you may be called to examine your inner self. Bridges symbolize transitional periods in life. Therefore, this may be an important period of transition where your views about life are changing.

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