Thursday, October 1, 2015

DIY Oracle: "Selfie" Tarot for the #diytarotchallenge

When I heard about last month's DIY tarot challenge (#diytarotchallenge) hosted by Prince(ss) of Pentacles on tumblr (see the original post) I was happy to just observe. I had already completed 15 decks within the last 8 months so I was ready to rest.

But after seeing the first few posts on Instagram, I got excited and inspired all over again and decided to do just a few cards. Well, just a few cards turned into all the Majors pretty quickly and my tarot selfie deck was born.

To create this deck I merged one of my self-portrait silhouettes with images from using the MultiExpo app and a variety of other apps. My goal was to translate the symbolism of each Major Arcana card onto my silhouette.

I think the first 10 cards were better because my inspiration started to wane a bit toward the end, but all in all I'm very happy with them. I really had no intention of making this into an actual deck until I did a reading with them choosing cards at random from my camera roll. It was such a powerful and insightful reading that I ordered a printed deck from the next day.

Check out all the wonderful and amazing challenge artwork on IG HERE.

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