Thursday, October 22, 2015

Divination 3x3x3 Tag with my own deck creations

I just heard about the Divination 3x3x3 tag through Benebell Wen's blog post but it was started by Chloe McCracken of Inner Whispers in this video.

I decided to do this tag with the decks I've developed. My favorite deck is usually the last one I create. But some decks have definitely gotten more play than others.

Tarot For Lost Souls is hands down my most favorite tarot deck. Unfortunately, it's not one I'm able to sell but I would gladly share it with others. To make it, I created 78 faces in the UFace app, one for each tarot card. At first, I thought it would be difficult to read because every card features a face but the app is pretty versatile and allows for a great range of facial expressions and actions. This deck is whimsical and really funny but also gives it to you straight.

Tarot For Lost Souls

Tarot Everywhere originally began as a photo project and I hadn't really thought to make it a deck at first because I'm not usually partial to photographic decks. But I realized why during the process of making this one. I'm not fond of posed people in decks and I tried to limit that as much as possible with Tarot Everywhere. The result is a deck I really enjoy using. I think it gives the right balance between serious and playful readings too! This deck is available HERE

Tarot Everywhere

The Animal Tarot is my latest tarot deck creation so of course it goes here as one of my favorites. I'm still trying to figure out how to work with its energy but I like the stark realism of the cards. This deck will be available soon (by late November/early December)!

The Animal Tarot

Over The Moon oracle is simply the most versatile deck I've created. With playing cards on one side and a descriptive visual image on the other, it's hard to beat this deck for answering any type of question. I use the playing card side for analytical information; to answer yes/no questions; and to provide detailed physical descriptions. The visual side is used for the story method of interpretation, when I need to understand the situation by seeing it as a story unfolding. This deck is available HERE. It's available with captions and without captions.

Over The Moon oracle cards

Oracle Everywhere offers powerful and direct advice. I've been wanting an advice oracle, not just a deck with nice words. I want one that will give me a kick in the pants when necessary. This one delivers! The photo below shows a reading for myself where I asked my spirit guides what message they had for me. I need to SLOW DOWN and SHOW COMPASSION to myself. They also instructed me to MOVE YOUR BODY and MEDITATE. These last two are areas of my daily routine I've neglected mostly because life has gotten too hectic and I can't slow down long enough to devote time to it. Message received! This deck is available HERE.

Oracle Everywhere

My third favorite oracle deck is another new one, still in prototype stage. It's called Magic Mantras and it's based on switchwords. Switchwords are powerful words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction to attract the essence of the switchword to you. This is not a deck I thought I would enjoy as much as I do. I made a version of it years ago with just words and recently updated it with photos. The resulting deck really sings now and I feel it gives very direct but positive and insightful readings. To use it, think of a goal or desire. Then select three cards to create a switchword phrase or mantra. This mantra is then repeated, recited, or written to help you attract the desired goal. This deck will be available soon (by end of November).

Magic Mantras

Playing cards should be obvious! This is the method I feel most accomplished in and have even developed my own system and comprehensive course on reading playing cards: Your Future Is In The Cards.

If you've been following my blog, you know that charmcasting is certainly a new favorite divination method. It's just so much fun to see where all those little charms land. It's incredible how synchronous the cast is with your circumstances. Check out my adventures in charmcasting series here on the blog. Just search the blog for "charmcasting."

You probably don't know this but I'm a real fan of dice divination. I don't think I've shared anything about dice in any of my past blogs, here or in other places, but when I need really quick guidance (I mean like super quick), dice are the way to go. I've even developed my own dice divination system which I hope to share at some future date. It uses three dice. You can ask a question but one isn't really needed. The cast will give you insights into your day, week, or whatever time period you ask about. For instance, the cast below (155) means: Expect a monkey wrench in your plans!

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  1. I'm super inspired by this post to create my own decks and after seeing some of your other posts, I think I'll do it now! I'm very curious about your dice divination, have you outlined it anywhere? Keep up the great posts.

    1. Thanks Coley. Glad to give you some inspiration!! I haven't outlined my dice divination system online yet but I'll share it soon!!

    2. Thanks Coley. Glad to give you some inspiration!! I haven't outlined my dice divination system online yet but I'll share it soon!!