Wednesday, January 3, 2018

learn how to give EPIC past life readings

I just launched a brand new class, How To Give EPIC Past Life Readings. I've been developing my own system for doing past life readings for a number of years using playing cards and just recently added a tarot and oracle card component to the material too. It creates a more holistic and in-depth method of understanding a past life.

In the class, I show you how to:
  • use the playing cards to get specific details about the life and death
  • use the tarot for a visual life review
  • use oracle cards for a soul experience summary
Whether you believe in past lives or not, I feel that past life readings are helpful in unearthing and shining a light on deep-seated problems and issues in your current life. They help you see the thread connecting these issues and allow you to unravel the problem. In many cases, I've had a strong emotional response to my own past life readings done simply with playing cards. The additional layers of tarot and oracle cards has created even more powerful emotional shifts. I've also included a past life meditation to give you a more visceral connection to the past life experience and change the vibration of that experience.

This class will allow you to:
  • Get a detailed physical description of your past life counterpart
  • Identify past life complexes affecting you today
  • Discover your past life identity and death
  • Create a life review through tarot images
  • Know your soul purpose in this lifetime
  • Learn how to release past life residue
  • Receive a message from Spirit to guide you forward

A detailed reference manual, handy charts and a journaling worksheet are also included.

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