Thursday, February 1, 2018

Create This Oracle Deck Challenge 2018

Have you ever thought of creating your own oracle deck? Have you been tossing ideas around but don't know where to begin? Would it be helpful to follow prompts and join a community of folks who are also creating an oracle deck?

Create This Oracle Deck challenge is back again this March! Last year we had a blast creating our own oracle decks. Check out over 2,000 posts from last year's challenge HERE.

I realize there is a bit of creative paralysis that interferes with ART-ing sometimes so I've developed a challenge to get past that obstacle. It's called #createthisoracledeck challenge and it runs during March on Instagram. It's a way to create a unique, personal oracle your way. I hope it will also help you understand how to translate a symbol into meaning. For some of you, this might be the first step to creating an oracle deck you're ready to share with the world.

In fact, there are several decks now published and available to the public that began with last year's challenge.

Inner Queen Oracle @leti.lluna

Dark Moon Damsel Oracle @mothsandscorpions

Untamed Truth Oracle @treetalker

Inner Landscape Oracle @tarotapprentice

There will be a prompt each day for each card. Join in by following the daily prompts to create your own personal oracle deck. You can draw, collage, use photos or apps to create your deck. We'll do a total of 30 cards. The intention of this challenge is to create a usable oracle deck without getting hung up on the details. That's why there are prompts and a time limitation of one day per card.

✨Cardstock, blank cards, index cards, etc. You can find blank card decks on amazon and

✨Pencils & non-bleed pens and markers for drawing (rubber stamping is also a great idea)

✨Magazines, stickers, scissors and glue stick for collage

✨Apps like Tayasui Sketches, Enlight, ArtStudio, to make digital drawings

✨A journal for your guidebook

March 1, 2018. A list of prompts will be posted on Instagram @otm_academy and here on the blog and my website at the end of February.

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