Tuesday, January 6, 2015

will i find love this year?

I did your 3-card spread with playing cards. My question was, "Will I find love this year?" There's more red cards so that should be yes, but I'm stumped by the 6 of Spades in the last position. 

Let's look at the cards. I'll be using my Over the Moon oracle cards to examine the story from a visual perspective too. Just looking at the oracle images, we see the first two cards show two people and the final card shows only one person.

If we string the keywords together we get Friendship - Partnership - Resentment. Just based on this, it does seem as though you will find love this year - the Partnership card makes this plain. But, it will not be without problems as the Resentment card reveals. It's also important to keep your question in mind as the reading will answer the question you asked in the way you asked it. You asked will you find love. You did not ask will it last or will it be a satisfying relationship.

The first position reflects what's happening or past experience. It can reveal the current setting or environment.

Friendship | 3 of Hearts suggests you're in a friendship type of relationship with someone right now. Perhaps you wish for this relationship to turn into something more and that has prompted the question. Or maybe you're always "just friends" with a potential romantic catch instead of more than friends.

The second position represents what's really happening, or underlying influences. It can also show a progression of events from the first card.

Partnership | 2 of Hearts suggests that this friendship may turn into a romantic relationship. There seems to be a definite mutual attraction. Notice the difference in body language between the characters in the first card and the second. The Partnership characters have more physical closeness showing a much stronger connection. This card is not a card of commitment, though. It can show the infatuation stages of a romance.

The final position represents the outcome.

Resentment | 6 of Spades depicts an unhappy girl. As a final outcome, it suggests that the relationship will hit a serious rough patch. This card represents a major block. Sometimes spades in the final position can signal the end of a relationship but often it just shows that this relationship will be a difficult one. The 6 of  Spades relates to emotional baggage, regrets, resentment, and selfishness. These issues may prevent forward movement in the relationship.

Since there are only three cards in the reading, we don't know the story of what causes the Resentment vibration. If you had looked at a smaller window of time (3 months for example) instead of the entire year, we may be able to see the transition.

Let's look at the numerical theme for more info. It's 2 (3+2+6 = 11 = 1+1=2) which is a great energy for romantic relationships because it emphasizes cooperation, harmony and compatibility. You will be trying to get along and keep the peace this year. Maybe that's the root of the problem. Perhaps the resentment comes because you feel like you're doing all the work in the relationship.

What is the answer to your question? The majority of cards are red giving a basic YES answer but the last two cards are Hearts + Spades = maybe, but you will experience an emotional loss.

My answer would be definitely yes, you will find love this year. In fact, it may be right under your nose. There is a friendship that seems to have romantic overtones. However, there may be an emotional loss associated with finding love this year. Watch out for emotional baggage, regrets and resentment. These issues may block your progress.

It may be a good idea to select another card for advice, showing what to do to maintain a loving relationship this year or what to do to support a committed relationship this year.

Good luck!

What do you see? Share your insights in the comments section!

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