Monday, January 5, 2015

Q&A: how do you redirect your querents when they only ask yes or no questions?

This question was asked by one of the students in my course, Your Future Is In The Cards:

How do you redirect your querents when  they only ask yes or no questions?

Great question. It's one I had many years ago. I would try to lead people to ask open-ended questions so they could get more insights but then I realized that's how I like my questions. But you'll find the majority of questions are yes/no, which is why I created this course -- it's geared to the way people ACTUALLY request readings, not necessarily to my preferred method of reading which is more self-discovery oriented.

Another thing I do is add an advice card to the yes/no readings. For instance, what do you need to do to encourage your boyfriend to come back? What can you do to make more money? This way, you're giving advice to help them reach their goals instead of just a yes/no response. So these days, I don't see anything wrong with a yes/no question. It's very easy to provide a direct answer just as you've shown you are already doing. The real question is why do YOU have a problem with the yes/no questions?

Do you have a cartomancy question? 

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