Thursday, August 20, 2015

mind-body-spirit reading with Chakra Cards

I've been doing tarot challenges on Instagram and the one I'm doing for August is #31daysoftarotaug by @1inspired_beauty. It's a spread challenge which means there's a new spread for you to do each day. Wowzers! I decided to do this Mind-Body-Spirit Spread by @1inspired_beauty with my new Chakra Cards.

My Chakra Cards are a set of 35 cards with 5 cards representing each of the 7 chakras. It's a simple, square design featuring a triangle in the center. The triangle is used as a pointer so you can determine the state of balance of the chakra. When the triangle points up, the chakra is balanced; down represents blockage. If the triangle point to the left, the chakra is underactive and to the right the chakra is overactive.

Bottom row: Current state
Mind - Third Eye (blocked)
Body - Root (balanced)
Spirit - Sacral (blocked)

Top row: Ultimate Goal
Mind - Third Eye (blocked)
Body - Third Eye (balanced)
Spirit - Heart (underactive)

Middle row: How to get to ultimate goal
Mind - Solar Plexus (overactive)
Body - Solar Plexus (balanced)
Spirit - Throat (blocked)
My Mind and Body look very balanced with the same chakras showing up on either side. The main difference is my current body has a balanced Root chakra which suggests good physical health.

My goal is to connect to my centers of compassion (Heart chakra) and intuition (Third Eye chakra).

I can reach that goal through the Throat and Solar Plexus chakras in terms of speaking my truth and expressing my personal power clearly through my communication with others. The Throat chakra is key (and one of my weakest chakras) because it connects the Heart and Third Eye chakras.

Another thing to note is that the Crown chakra card didn't appear at all, but since my Spirit centers were blocked in two sections, I guess that makes sense. The Third Eye appeared too much showing I probably need to turn my mind on a lower setting for a while. I spend a lot of time in my head with all my creative projects and blogging.

Now, to address the blocks. Based on this reading, I have Sacral, Throat and Third Eye blocks. A Third Eye block may be related to suppressing my intuition. The Throat chakra block is probably about not speaking my truth, and the Sacral block can show repressing emotion. I've discovered using these cards that when a chakra comes up blocked, it signals a period of learning lessons about that chakra energy. So it seems I'll be dealing with situations in the upcoming weeks where I'll be forced to examine these issues.

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