Monday, January 12, 2015

using the numerical theme

"Hey, what would happen if I add up the numbers of this reading and reduce it to a number between 1 - 9 and use my numerology understanding to get more info about what's happening in this situation?"

This is the question I asked many years ago which led to my discovery of the numerical theme. When doing a playing card reading, I always look at the numerical theme. It provides a much-needed perspective on the reading, regardless of the question or outcome.

How do you find the numerical theme? To get a numerical theme for your reading, you add up all of the card numbers in your reading and reduce down to a number between 1 and 9. You can do this with tarot cards as well. The Fool and the Joker = 0. With playing cards, here's the designation for the face cards: Jacks = 11; Queens = 12; Kings = 13. Here's a 3-card reading example:

Jack of Clubs - 2 of Hearts - 6 of Spades = 11 + 2 + 6 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1.

Over the years, the numerical theme has revealed itself to me. I have examined the themes that show up in countless readings. I've compared the questions and nature of the reading to the numerical theme and I've realized a few things.

The numerical theme represents the vibration of the questioner at the time of the reading. The theme represents the energetic vibration of the questioner at the time of the reading and is only related to that particular question or topic area. It reflects their actions and reactions to the environment. It also reveals their outlook and perception of the world related to that question. In spite of what the questioner desires, the numerical theme will show what they are actually doing. For instance, when I do a relationship reading for someone with a 5 numerical theme, it shows that despite the fact that they want the relationship to work out, they are doing things to create the opposite effect. The 5 vibration wants freedom and independence so this person may be picking fights and creating chaos in the relationship without realizing it. I've seen this occur in my own readings and relationships. 

The numerical theme doesn't predict the future. When I teach the numerical theme, many students mistake it as a way to predict the outcome of the reading. It doesn't reveal the future, only the present vibration. However, understanding the present vibration can help you predict the outcome. For instance, if your vibration is all about freedom and independence and you have to work in a team to accomplish a project, then we can predict that you will have trouble doing so. On the flip side, if you're asking will a romantic relationship work out and you have a 2 theme, then the possibility is a good one, mostly because you are hell-bent on cooperating and compromising. 

The numerical theme helps you to understand the REAL question being asked. It gives more information into WHY the question was asked in the first place. In reviewing readings and their numerical themes, I started to see a pattern between the questions asked and the theme.

One questions are asked by people with restless energy, who are eager and impatient (but ready) for a new beginning. Their real question is, "When can I get started?"

Two questions are typically about relationships or getting along with others. The real question is "Are we compatible?"

Three questions usually go something like this, "Do you think I should continue with this dead-end job/relationship/situation?" In these cases, the answer is no. It's time to expand your horizons and move on to bigger and better things.

Four questions are always about wanting something to happen that's not happening and feeling really blocked. They are asking "Why am I stuck?"

Five questions are typically about relationships or challenges: "Why can't we get along?"

Six questions come up when the questioner has put a lot of effort into something (relationship, job) and they want to know when they will see real benefits (marriage, or real benefits). They are asking, "Is it worth it?

Seven questions are about what path to take.  You will see this theme often when the question begins with SHOULD I. Their real question is, "What action/path should I take?"

Eight questions are typically related to money or career issues and goal setting. The real question is usually, "What is my next step?"

Nine questions are often about starting something new but the nine theme shows they aren't ready to begin again. The real question is, "How can I release the past and start over?" There is unfinished business or a block somewhere. Look at the spades cards in the reading for what needs to be accepted and transformed. 

The numerical theme only reflects a specific period of time and the reading topic. You may get a different numerical theme for a work question and a romance question. However, I have seen the same numerical theme follow people from one topic to another. This is often the case when there is a huge cloud that seems to loom over the questioner. Nothing seems to work in their life... everything has gone to crap. Typically, they are vibrating a 4 theme.

The most frequent numerical theme is 4. Through my informal research, I discovered that the most common theme is 4. Why is that? The number four should be a great theme, I thought. The number four relates to security, safety and routine.

The most common question asked is about change. Will he come back to me? Will my finances improve? When will I meet my soulmate? How can I get my writing career off the ground? These look like different questions but they are all the same question - I want something to happen that's not happening -- will this situation change? 

The four vibration is about maintaining the status quo; it's not about change. It shows that the questioner is in a comfortable routine despite the discomfort they say they are experiencing. There is something secure and familiar about their situation and, internally, they are not ready for change. I'm not saying they don't desire change. But they aren't ready for it. There is something that keeps them in this rut. It's a good idea to choose an advice card to show how they can free themselves.

Do you use a numerical theme in your readings? Tell us about your experiences.

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