Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Simple Lenormand has arrived!

Several decks just came in from and I'm very pleased with how they turned out, especially the deck I conceived and created over the holidays, The Simple Lenormand.

The traditional Lenormand has 36 cards. I made 4 extra cards which you see in the bottom row. There's an extra male and female card, plus Fire and Handshake.

Of course, I wanted to do a reading right away and did a quick deck interview but with a little different format. I used a 9-card spread. The question: "What do you bring to the table?" The center card reflects the answer -- it shows the deck's core energy or purpose. I decided to use the rest of the cards to understand how the deck will best be used.

I was happy to see Road in the center. This tells me that the deck will help people find direction and also provide alternative paths and choices to contemplate. In what areas of life will the deck help people find direction? Since all of the people cards were included, this seems to be a great deck for (committed, stressful, dangerous, loving, and confusing) relationships. Here's my take on it....this deck will help shed light on:

Row 1: committed relationships (marriage contract, partnership agreement)
Row 2: women seeking love or direction in relationships
Row 3: passionate but problematic men
Column 1: men and the women they are passionate about
Column 2: stressful choices and commitments
Column 3: women asking, "How does he feel about me?"

I'm sure the deck will also be able to handle questions about money and career too but there may be a definite emphasis on all the gritty details of relationships, which is great because I designed it with that in mind.

The deck is poker-sized and I made a mini-sized too which will be easier to use when casting a Grand Tableau (large spread using all the cards).

I also added a little bag to store the cards and a journal for recording readings with the deck.

What do you think of the deck? Should I add numbers to the cards or keep them as is?


  1. These are really good! Yes I would number them ... All in all though good sized images, nothing to distract. I love them! As it says "simple". The backs of the cards would look good with the lady on.... just thinking, in keeping with the theme of the journal and the bag. Are these cards for sale???

    1. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your feedback. Yes, they will be for sale soon. I'm setting up a shop on so you can purchase directly from them. I hope to have everything up by next week so stay tuned. I'll do another post with links.

      I will have to find an unobtrusive way to number them. Until then, the unnumbered versions (poker size & mini) will be available. I'm making another journal and bag with the clover on it and the man (maybe the mountain too) just for additional options.