Tuesday, November 24, 2015

my Activating Your Strange Jewels reading

Carrie of Happy Fish Tarot invented this wonderful spread, Activating Your Strange Jewels, based on a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm using my Tarot Everywhere and Oracle Everywhere decks for the reading.

Card 1- Accessible Gifts: 3 of Wands. A young man stands on a fence to see far off into the distance. This card represents the gift of vision. This is a gift I'm very acquainted with and use daily. I am amazing at creating a concept and developing it step-by-step based on my vision of it. It's how I create my tarot and oracle decks.

Card 2 - Unconscious Gifts: 7 of Wands. This is a very competitive card about holding your position at the top and having rivals trying to gain an advantage and topple you. Since I'm not competitive at all, this makes sense as being an unconscious gift. But I think it can also be interpreted as having a gift for being an example for others to aspire to.

Card 3 - Challenges of Your Gifts: Strength. This interpretation of Strength relates to struggle and perseverance which I believe relates to seeing my vision through to completion. But there's also a visual repetition through these first three cards - they are all from the perspective of someone at a different than normal height. One challenge is seeing things from a different perspective than others. It makes it difficult to relate to others.

Card 4 - Your Contribution: 5 of Pentacles. This card is intended to represent why your gifts are important and how they contribute to the world. This card depicts a hitchhiker and I wasn't really sure how to interpret it at first. But in light of my strange jewels mentioned in the first and second cards, perhaps my vision and leadership can help others find direction.

Card 5 - Real-World Application: Queen of Pentacles. I think of the court cards as roles so this is the role of the mother to me. She is nurturing and practical. She has the ability to turn her vision into something tangible and nurture its growth.

Card 6 - Advice: Nourish Yourself: The final card gives advice on taking the next step. The first two cards describing my strange jewels are Wands, which are about action, initiative, and effort. And it's true, I sometimes exhaust myself expressing these gifts. Nourish Yourself tells me to make sure I'm also getting my own needs met in the process.

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