Monday, November 30, 2015

Great Gift Ideas

Now that we're officially in the holiday season I thought I'd share three great gift ideas.

Tarot Everywhere + Oracle Everywhere + Tarot Everywhere Journal

Tarot Everywhere and Oracle Everywhere have been a big hit since I released them in September. This contemporary tarot deck and accompanying oracle deck deliver down-to-earth reflections of our daily lives. Find out the concept behind these decks in the blog post, Tarot Everywhere + Oracle Everywhere.

Chakra Cards + Chakra Cards Pouch + Chakra Magnets

Chakra Cards are a deck of 35 square cards that can help you assess the state of your chakras. I've also created magnets for each chakra to use as a focusing or intention tool. Whatever chakra I'm working on for the week, I put the corresponding magnet on my fridge as a reminder of that chakra's energy. Check out my Mind-Body-Spirit Reading with Chakra Cards.

I AM Cards + I AM Cards Pouch + I AM Cards Journal

The most adorable deck I've developed to date, I AM Cards is an affirmation deck that affirms all of the positive, vibrant parts of you. A wonderful gift for children or your inner child.

These products may be purchased through my Printerstudio Shopspace. Remember, if you purchase more than $30 worth of products on Printerstudio, you can get FREE shipping using code SHIP30.


  1. Ohhhh... so this is the home of the Tarot Everywhere deck. I keep seeing it on Instagram, thinking 'That looks really cool' :) Well done!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa, and thanks for dropping by! I will have a few more deck releases in the upcoming months too, so stay tuned.

  2. I love your designs, I am looking to create a card deck for children as well and am having trouble finding someone that can create something cute but cool as well. I love your work. They are so cool.

    1. Thank you Georgette, and thanks for stopping by! Are you on Instagram? If you're looking for an artist to create your deck, there are lots of artists on Instagram. You may be able to find the perfect person for your project. Good luck!