Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sample Reading: will this be a good relationship for me?

The seeker asked, "Will this be a good relationship for me?"

Here are the cards chosen from The Cinderella Deck.

Card 27 – You in the relationship – In this image at the top left, Cinderella is trying on the slipper to see if it’s a good fit. It is! Likewise, you are asking yourself, “Is this relationship a good fit?” This card shows that you feel you've met your perfect match and that this relationship is a good fit for you.

Card 21 – Him in the relationship – In the top right, he shows up as the prince so that’s a great sign. In the image, the prince is looking for his princess so this shows your new partner is seeking his princess, someone he can spend a lifetime with.

Card 12 – Where this relationship is headed – In the bottom left, we see Cinderella preparing for the ball. Unfortunately, this takes us backwards in the story, not forwards toward the happily ever after. In this image, the fairy godmother is helping Cinderella turn rats into stylish footmen. Cinderella is scolding them to behave. This card often appears when there is a behavior change necessary so it may suggest that someone's behavior in the relationship becomes a problem.

Card 17 – The relationship’s impact on you – In the bottom right, the prince is at Cinderella’s feet pledging his love, and for the first time in her life she’s really being treated right. So, regardless of the outcome of the relationship, it seems that this will be an overall positive experience for you and you will receive a lot of romantic attention from this partner.

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