Tuesday, December 8, 2015

introducing... Magic Mantras Oracle Cards

My latest deck creation is Magic Mantras Oracle Cards. This is a 40-card deck designed in landscape orientation. It's based on switchwords. Switchwords are powerful words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction to attract the essence of the switchword to you. They are a tool to help you manifest your goals.

Usually, you just think of a couple of switchwords you believe will be best in helping you reach your goal. Then you repeat them as a mantra. But I've always thought divination should be part of the process because it allows you to bypass your conscious thoughts and get to the root of the issue. After all, if my conscious mind knew the right switchwords, wouldn't I already be manifesting what I want?


Here's a basic spread I devised for using the deck (although it's turning out to be useful in so many other readings too!). First, think of a goal or desire. Select, at random, three cards to create a switchword phrase or mantra. This mantra is then repeated, recited, or written to help you attract the desired goal.

Card 1: This is the top card and it shows the most important priority to achieve your goal.

Card 2: This is the middle card and it shows another aspect of reaching your desired goal. It may also reflect something you hadn't considered or a hidden aspect of attaining your goal.

Card 3: This is the bottom card and represents the foundation of the mantra. This card often reflects emotional stuff or a mindset that needs to be addressed before true progress can be made.

Switchwords can be translated into verbs or actions so this reading gives you an action plan for reaching your goals. Here's a great resource for translating the switchwords: http://www.blueiris.org/community/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=56

You can find a short guide which will expand upon some of the meanings in the FREEBIES section of my blog.


My boyfriend and I have been discussing a plan of me moving halfway across the country to move in with him next year. Although I think this is the only way to move our relationship forward it's a scary proposition to me. So I used this spread to create a mantra that will help me release my fears so I can make a decision about it without fear blocking me.

After shuffling the cards I got SWING-HORSE-ON. There's so much go get 'em energy in this magic mantra! It says that to release my fears I need to have courage and take bold action (SWING); embrace movement and progress (HORSE); and stay positive and optimistic. To help release my fears, I simply need to repeat the mantra SWING-HORSE-ON in some way. I can say it aloud or silently several times a day, or write it down. I've also found that I can generate a constant subliminal reminder by saving the photo as a screensaver on my phone so I'm forced to look at it frequently throughout the day.

Here are some more examples...

Seeker's goal: to have a food truck

I don't know where you are in the process of getting a food truck but your mantra cards relate to focus, partnership, and attention to detail so I hope this resonates with you. One of the switchwords that came up is TINY. This word means to reduce in size or make less significant, possibly downsizing. But in this instance I think it might be used to help you narrow your focus and possibly think small instead of thinking too big. Your magic mantra is TINY-WITH-ATTENTION. Repeating this mantra will help you to
  • narrow your focus (TINY)
  • collaborate or form a partnership, gain support (WITH)
  • notice opportunities, pay attention to detail, read the fine print, avoid carelessness (ATTENTION)
To achieve your goal of having a food truck, repeat the mantra TINY-WITH-ATTENTION for the next 7 days and see what happens.

Seeker's goal: to grow her intuitive card reading business

Your mantra is WOMB-REACH-LIGHT. Repeating this mantra will help you to... 
  • reconnect to Source, to feel secure and nourished (WOMB)
  • find solutions to problems, figure out what's missing in the growth of your business and remember forgotten ideas (REACH)
  • stay inspired, tap into your inner light and be a beacon of light to others (LIGHT)

The first card shows an emphasis on self-care while light is prominent in the other two cards. This suggests that your business growth is tied to your ability to tap into inspiration and your spiritual light. And then harnessing it to share with others. This mantra will help you do this.

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