Tuesday, December 15, 2015

archangel wingmen and the Magic Mantras Oracle

I was checking out all the great spreads by Vix over at New Age Hipster and found one called Wingmen Spread. It's a spread that offers messages from Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. I know these two well because I work with them in my reflexology and other healing practices.

What I love about this spread is that each Archangel is giving you a message about their specific area of expertise. With Michael, it's usually about protection, courage, life path, and things that need to be cleared or released. Raphael's messages are usually about healing some aspect of your life. 

I adapted the spread a bit...

I'm using my Magic Mantras Oracle cards to understand the issues each archangel is helping me with. And I'm using my Oracle Everywhere deck to reflect the angels' specific advice with regard to these issues.

At the time I did the reading I was still fuming about a frustrating online interaction. So, when I saw OIL and Rise Above I knew just what Michael was trying to get across. OIL is the switchword for decreasing friction. It typically appears when people are having trouble getting along. Rise Above tells me to just get over it, to rise above any pettiness. So Michael is helping me to clear or release my frustration about this issue.

Let's see what Archangel Raphael's message is. LIGHT translates to being inspired and lightening up in your mood and mindset. It seems to be a message in response to Michael's advice. Michael is helping me clear away the frustration and Raphael is showing me how to heal it. Raphael is helping me to lighten up and advising me to be patient with others.

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