Monday, August 10, 2015

adventures in charmcasting: an employment reading

I thought I'd share a reading that I did a few months ago. It's much easier to see how to interpret the charms in hindsight and this review of past readings provides an excellent learning tool.

This is a reading I did for my boyfriend while he was unemployed. He had been sending out resumes every week for several months without much response. At the time of this reading, it was the first week of April. He had submitted a resume and received an immediate response for an interview which seemed promising.

Question: Will he get a job offer by the end of April?

Read the Dice

I don't use the dice anymore in my current charmcastings. But they are very helpful at giving a summary and, for this reading, the dice were straight to the point.

I've created my own system for reading the dice and with this method determined the dice roll of 112 means the seeker will be asking, "should I stay or should I go?" The dice also serve to answer any yes/no question directly. The yes/no answer based solely on the dice was: Maybe, but expect to start over. These two interpretations suggest he will not get a job locally and may have to move and start over in a new state.

Read the Monkey

The next thing I look at is the Monkey charm which represents the seeker (read more about using this charm in this blog post). The Monkey gives you a lot of information. This charm reveals the seeker's thoughts (charms by the head), actions or foundation (charms by feet), and needs or what's at arm's reach (charms by hands). If the Monkey is face up, the Seeker usually has a more positive outlook on the situation but when face down as in this charmcasting, it shows the seeker feels defeated.

Look at all the charms on top of the Monkey! When there are lots of charms piled on top of the Monkey, it shows the seeker feels overwhelmed.

However, if we look closely, there are a few charms on the Monkey that show great potential for employment.

Flip Flop (reversed) - When upright, the Flip Flop charm shows down time or a vacation. It had been appearing upright in every reading for him until now. When reversed, this charm shows going back to work so in this charmcasting it's a positive sign.

Contract (reversed) - The reversal shows a potential contract is almost in the Seeker's hands.

Rainbow (reversed) - The reversal shows there is a potential bright future at hand.

Positive Signs of Employment

Another positive sign is the Crown reversed (work symbol) lying on the Wishbone, suggesting he may get his wish for a new job.

And finally (below), the Cup is upright (receiving) next to the Nest which can show new possibilities. The Violin shows harmony between two people which I believe is my boyfriend and the woman who interviewed him.

Moving On

Route 66 (above) shows that a move is necessary. However,  we can see that the word charm Altered + Turtle reversed says to prepare for slow change. Plus the Hand points to the Clock suggesting a timing issue. What you can't see is next to the Clock is a heart I call Change of Heart. This shows a change of heart being made. I didn't understand this charm at the time of the reading.

Another charm that was not understood until much later is the Math problem circled above. I use the Math charm to represent 2 things, as in two jobs or two relationships, etc. As it turned out, the company made an initial offer but then delayed sending the final offer paperwork. A few weeks went by and it seemed they were stalling for some reason. What he found out later is they originally wanted him to head up one school, then they changed their mind and offered him a job at a larger school. The second school wasn't ready for a new administrator just yet so this delayed the whole process by at least 30 days. So, in answer to the question, Will he get a job offer by the end of April? Technically he did, but it wasn't confirmed until the middle of May. The new job also required a move to another state 12 hours away so he did have to start over.

Salary Potential

There were clues to the potential salary for this job in the same charmcasting. In the photo above, we see the penny upright representing Small Money. The nickel, which represents Big Money, is reversed. This suggests he will get a smaller amount than he wants. It's also a concern that the money is next to the Web charm. I use the Web to represent regrets, emotional baggage and things you can't seem to leave behind you. In terms of his salary, he's making less than he did in his previous job, although the nickel so close to the penny may suggest the potential for more money in the future.

What to Expect

In the photo above, the Painting charm is circled, which shows that this job may allow him to be creative in this position. In this same photo, we can also see a combination that appears frequently in charmcastings. It's not circled but if you look toward the top right, you will see the Pirate next to the Police. These charms oppose each other. The Police charm represents doing what you SHOULD do, being obedient, following the rules. The Pirate, on the other hand, is about doing what you want to do. It's definitely anti-establishment. In this context, these two charms together may show a conflict between freedom and bureaucracy.


Now that we've gotten the practical issues out of the way, let's look at the life lessons he's learning through this experience. What's in the Circle? Whatever lands inside the Circle signals lessons that have been learned and integrated. I was very happy to see Dress, Airplane, and Mirror charms in the circle because these issues seemed to be at the heart of his employment challenge. Dress and Mirror are about roles and identity. Dress shows a need to figure out who you really are and what role you want to play in life and your life's work. Mirror reveals you are projecting an image that is different from the real you. Airplane is about ambitions and aspirations. The combination of these charms suggests he was completing a period of learning about his identity related to his life's work. It's also interesting to note the Belief charm is at the bottom of this pile, suggesting these lessons were rooted in his beliefs.

In hindsight, this charmcasting reading brought up many details of the employment negotiation, and definitely details I wouldn't have understood at the time. My boyfriend is now settling into life and a new job in another state, very happy to be employed.

Happy charmcasting!


  1. Kristen, is there anything you can't do?! There are so many tricks up your sleeve! I've never seen this kind of divination in action before - how fascinating. Do you use charmcasting often?

    1. Thanks for visiting Marianne! Yes, I do keep my hands in a lot of pots. I like experimenting with different divination systems. I started doing charmcasting earlier this year and it's just so much fun to see where and how the charms land. I've really been doing it just for practice to hone my divination skills and usually perform a few a month for friends. It takes quite a while to study all the connections.

  2. Damn your good. There are so many charms i wouldn't know how to begin to interpet . Im trying to get into this now though.

    1. Thanks for visiting LisaMarie! Did you know I've come up with a simplified version of charmcasting I call the Treasure Casting Oracle? I'm running a course on it through You can find out more about it in the COURSES section of the blog. And there's a link to get the course for half off ($15, regular $30). Let me know if you have any questions!