Tuesday, April 14, 2015

adventures in charmcasting: the seeker

I was overjoyed to find this adorable monkey charm in the Hobby Lobby craft store. The monkey represents the seeker in my charmcasting oracle set.

After reading Michele Jackson's book, Bones, Shells, and Curios: A Contemporary Method of Casting the BonesI realized it was a good idea to have a charm to represent the seeker, preferably one with a head, arms, and legs. This could reveal thoughts (charms by the head), actions (charms by feet), and needs (charms by hands).

The image above is part of a charmcasting I did for myself. So, the monkey represents me. It shows I'm thinking about work (crown) and health (grey stone). But the feet show I'm not taking any action since they are moved over toward the edge of the box. However, I'm reaching out for help and possibly support...the monkey hand reaches for the angel charm which is turned down.

The charmcasting above was done for a friend who had just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. See her other reading HERE. She said she wasn't angry -- she just felt nothing. The monkey said different. See how he's reaching for the gun in the lower left corner of the box? The lower left corner of the box often represents repressed shadow energies so I could see that she was not really aware of being angry. I told her that the main problem is that the gun is pointing back at the monkey, showing that her anger is just going to hurt her, not him.

In the above image, the monkey appears to be riding the world (worldly success) charm like a bullrider. What you can't see is that under the world charm were two additional charms - cheerleader (go for it, congratulations) and Route 66 (journeys, a new path). These charms seem to predict success for a man desperately seeking a new job in another state. 

When the monkey is upright it shows a positive outlook but when down it shows sadness, burnout and exhaustion, and feelings of defeat. 

For example, the image above is from a charmcasting for a man who had just lost his job. The monkey is face down. His arms are holding the empty cup (loss) in one hand and the airplane (dreams and aspirations) in the other. At the monkey's head are additional charms. They show he is experiencing a lot of mental stress (battered side of the health stone) and his thoughts are about change (butterfly charm).

The charmcasting above was for a friend going through a difficult time where she was doing some soulwork and examining her beliefs through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). You'll notice the BELIEVE charm is whacking the monkey's head. EFT involves literally tapping your body in different areas, including tapping your head.

I use a black and white stone for legal issues and when it lands straight up, there's a problem. The charmcasting above was done for a woman who was concerned she had gotten involved with a credit repair scam and she was considering legal action. The monkey is face down with this stone straight up on its back.

Here's another idea for a seeker object for your charmcasting set....

Worry Dolls

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  1. Thank you for this post Kristen...this is such an amazing introduction to how to read cast charms in many different ways, things I wouldn't have thought of. I've never tried casting oracle charms, but this has really made me think how much I want to...

    And the way the monkey was reaching for the gun... oh my!

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by! So happy you're inspired by charmcasting! It's been a fun adventure and there's lots more to learn. I've seen that monkey with the gun several times now...it's such a great seeker charm because it tells so many stories!!