Friday, April 10, 2015

Q&A: how to interpret Diamonds cards in love readings?

How should Diamonds cards be interpreted when they fall in readings about romance and relationships?

Diamonds cards reflect your sense of financial and emotional security and issues concerning structure and stability. They reflect your desire to acquire things, to increase your financial status, and to feel satisfied with your progress and station in life.

If you have a relationship reading that's not about money but a lot of Diamonds cards appear, think about the ways that money is like a relationship. For example, in relationships you may feel secure or divided. A relationship can grow little by little, or it can be eaten away and feel empty. You may consider it a gift, or an investment of your time and energy. Your relationship status might change and others may congratulate you for reaching a milestone in your relationship. Your relationship may make you wealthy or simply feel blessed!

Let's take a look at a reading submitted for a student's practical exam.

The seeker asked for a general reading but if we look at the first card we can see she is interested in learning about a relationship or partnership. The middle card represents underlying influences and I like to look at it as "the REAL issue or question". So it seems the seeker wants a reading about a relationship (2 of Hearts). Her real question is, "Is he stable (mentally, materially, etc.)? Is he financially secure enough to consider marriage? Is he the type of person that wants to build a life together? (Ace of Diamonds). 
The Ace of Diamonds traditionally symbolizes the engagement ring and it shows up in SO many relationship readings for women. It seems to trump the Ace of Hearts in terms of what women really want. Women know that Hearts personalities don't lead to marriage. Diamonds personalities do.
The numerical theme of the reading is 7 (2 + 1 (Ace) + 4 (King)). This theme often appears when people are wondering what path to take or if they should continue on their current path. They are often asking Should I? questions. So her unstated question might be "Should I continue with this relationship? Is this leading to something more permanent and secure?"
The final card (King of Diamonds) suggests that it is and yes he will take a more permanent role in her life.

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