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you're not an advanced reader unless you're asking these questions

Students often believe my playing card divination course, Your Future Is In The Cards, is just a beginner's course because I only use a three-card spread. Most readers assume that the bigger the spread, the more advanced the reading. Not true. It's not the size of the spread but the depth you can pull from it that makes you an advanced reader.

Are you an advanced reader? You are if you're pondering these questions when you perform a reading:

(1) Why were THESE cards chosen over all of the cards in the deck?

(2) Why is THIS card in THIS position?

Let's look at an example from a student's practical exam for a woman who wants to know, "Should I interview for the magazine?"

One of the great things about reading playing cards is that you can give your clients a very simple and straightforward answer without really considering the card meanings. The combination of the last two card suits Diamonds + Hearts says, "Yes, you should interview for the job, and help is on the way." Beginners may be completely satisfied giving this response. However, advanced readers will probably wonder....

(1) Why were THESE cards chosen over all of the cards in the deck?

What do the cards have in common? Are there any themes or meanings that all the cards share? Compare and contrast them. If you're using a visual deck, like Over the Moon Oracle Cards, you may find that there are visual similarities. Looking at the images in this reading, there is something that blocks each character. In the first image, there is a house keeping the man and woman apart. In the 2nd image, a man stands behind a gate. In the 3rd image, the girl can only go to the edge of the sea.

What is the predominant color? All RED cards show the path is easy and the seeker may be a passive participant in this process. I've found that all red cards in a reading often shows the person doesn't have to put forth much effort to get what they want which frequently makes their goal less desirable.

What card suits are represented? The card suits give clues about the issues that are really important to the seeker and show how the seeker's outlook develops. Are they optimistic (Hearts), persistent (Diamonds), frustrated (Clubs) or pessimistic (Spades)? This reading contains Hearts and Diamonds. Hearts relate to your emotional state, the status of your relationships, and your ideals and wishes. Diamonds signify how much you have, don't have, and how much you want. A Hearts + Diamonds combination can reflect a desire for security, control issues in relationships, assistance given or received, and an optimistic and persistent outlook.

What is the numerical theme? Mathematically, all of the cards chosen must add up to a specific numerical theme which provides insight into the questioner's current vibration. This is not predictive but it helps to explain what's happening to them and how things might unfold. In this case, we have a 4 numerical theme (11(Jack) + 3 + 8 = 22 = 2 +2 = 4). Four themes are about wanting something to happen that's not happening and feeling really blocked.

(2) Why is THIS card in THIS position?

Certain cards in certain positions just beg for more info and clarification. 

Why is a face card in the first position? The first position usually restates what the seeker already knows. It typically represents another person in the seeker's life who is influencing their question or perhaps a role the seeker plays. 

After receiving the student's practical exam and noticing she didn't mention another person involved, I wrote:
The Jack of Hearts in the first position is a puzzle. Typically a face card in the first position represents the questioner or someone they are asking about. Was she favored for this position? Or is there a person who recommended her for this job who is in a sweetheart role in her life?

Why is the 3 of Diamonds in the middle position? The 3 of Diamonds is in the position of the real question or underlying influences. The card in this position usually reveals something that we don't consider when asking the question. It may be information that is hidden or unknown. It can also show you where a potential problem lies. The 3 of Diamonds means a small increase and may show this job will provide a small increase, most likely a small increase in income. However, this is something that should be obvious, so why is it in the underlying influences position of this reading?

Why is the 8 of Hearts in the final position? The 8 of Hearts is in the outcome position. It means that the seeker will have a change of heart. The image in Over the Moon Oracle Cards depicts a woman desiring to be somewhere else. This image suggests there is something else that this seeker wants at this time. 

Based on the reading, the student provided a fantastic response for the seeker:
Overall, I advise her to do it, that there will be some sort of benefit for her in the process of applying and taking part in the interview. If they offer you something you will likely not want it or may change your mind or it will not appeal to you in the end. But in fact the interview will be a good thing to do as it may help you in a small way or an increase career wise.

The student followed up to find out what happened....
She did her interview and they loved her but she failed to follow up by the deadline because she realized the offer would be too demanding at this time in her life as she is going to school. But the whole process was good for her as she saw the publishing side of things. She changed her mind about the job.

I asked her about if her boyfriend had anything to do with her interview with the magazine and in fact he had found her the posting and recommended her for it. He apparently works in a PR firm and put the magazine in touch with her.

Asking questions and getting clarifying information from the seeker helps us to understand why these cards were chosen and why each card was in its position. The Jack of Hearts represented the boyfriend and his recommendation. The 3 of Diamonds shows the increased demand on her life since she's also in school. And the 8 of Hearts reveals what actually happened...she did interview but she had a change of heart about the job altogether.

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