Sunday, March 29, 2015

Study Group: where is our relationship headed in 30 days?

Here's a reading I did for a friend about her relationship.

The Immediate Future timeframe is 7 days while the future and outcome timeframes are 30 days. Remember that there is a two of a kind and it adds extra insight.

If you need a little extra insight, here are the visual cues for the cards, using Over the Moon Oracle Cards. Simply say what you see.

How would you answer her question?

Vernell, one of my fab students, supplied this interpretation, which was dead-on! My comments are in italics!

Two of a kind 5's means betrayal.  Numerical theme of 8 indicates the questioner needs to get moving and take control of their life's circumstances.

Wow, Vernell, you did an awesome job with this. I can tell you're getting more comfortable with your readings and your answers are gaining more depth and detail. You're right about the two of a kind and I really like how you interpreted the numerical theme in light of the reading. My friend found out her boyfriend is cheating on her and this prompted the reading.
The 5 Clubs in the immediate future - lately when I get this card in reading it shows up when there is a man who is frustrated with himself as a man.  I know it means competition but for me it's been showing up when they are competing with themselves unhappy with where they are in their on life.
This is great insight into the 5 of Clubs. Competition is really a comparison of strengths. The visual of the card shows the comparison. What do you have that I don't have thinking. So it can show up when someone is unhappy with where they are in life. It's also a card of rivalry as well.

7 clubs in the future - someone is cornered being questioned.  I'm thinking the betrayal maybe revealed or suspected and cause the intense questioning.
I really like how you described the 7 of Clubs as someone cornered being questioned. It gives a great visual.

The 9 of diamonds is giving the advice to be all you can be. (I think it also means its not going to get any better than what it is now).  This advice mirrors the numerical theme.  The questioner may need to do what's best for them -- get moving!
Yes, I think that's the advice of the 9 of Diamonds as well. It might also be suggesting to set your standards higher.

And the outcome of 5 spades shows conflict, fights and anger.

Where is the relationship headed in 30 days? Fights and conflict.
I agree with your outcome interpretation. They have already had fights since the reading and haven't reconciled.  

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