Sunday, December 7, 2014

my weekly reading with Over the Moon oracle cards 12/7/14

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The focus this week is on relationships, particularly those that feel like family. This extends to groups of all kinds including your work family, even your social media network. As we're in the holiday season, I must beware of overspending, dwindling savings, and low funds. But it's equally important to watch where I'm frittering away my time and energy as well. I may be exhausting myself trying to keep up with too many activities or trying to please everyone.
An older gentleman or a business owner may have a strong influence, particularly in the area of finances. This week, I'm vibrating a 2 energy and will be focused on cooperation, sharing, and compatibility. In this light, a minor rejection may have a major impact. I must remember to brush it off and keep it moving. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we CAN'T all get along.

Here's what happened...
~ I spent time with members of my extended family I haven't visited in several months.
~ I taught a class and must invoice the business owner as she is the Sponsor of the class.
~ I didn't overspend money but I did fritter my time away....lots of procrastination. I was supposed to be studying for a state licensing exam but really had trouble focusing.
~ I didn't notice any rejection. Perhaps the snub was so minor I didn't even notice it. 

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