Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the deck interview

This is a spread used to "interview" your new deck. It's a great way to find out its potential.

What will you offer?

Traveler | Jack of Clubs is the same card I got in my first reading. Perhaps this deck will offer new adventures, a way for people to get from here to there, and discover where they are headed.

What will you help us discover about ourselves?

Maybe we will gain wisdom and a wealth of knowledge like the gentleman in the Owner | King of Diamonds who carries books under his arm. The card keyword suggests this deck will help us take ownership of our issues.

What type of readings will you excel at?

Friendship | 3 of Hearts shows relationship readings of all kinds. Any type of reading that helps connect you with someone else.

What should I do to collaborate with you?

Hmmm, when I saw Widow | Queen of Spades, I was tempted to pull another. Instead, I sat with it and did a story method of interpreting. The question is asking what to do so I need to focus on what the woman is doing not how she's feeling. She's holding keys. To collaborate with the deck, I need to "hold the keys" or be the key to decoding the deck and helping people work with the deck.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

I definitely didn't want to see Delay | 4 of Spades here. It relates to delays, disappointment, and a disruption of plans. What you expect to happen will not happen as planned. Perhaps my vision for the way I'll work with the deck will not be how it's actually used.

How would you interpret these cards in these positions? 
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