Saturday, December 6, 2014

JOURNAL: what new opportunities can I expect this month?

I performed a 4-card spread to answer this question. Each card represents a different opportunity with Card 1 showing the most significant opportunity.

The most significant opportunity this month is reaching a milestone and taking pride in my work and accomplishments (Congratulations | 9 of Diamonds).  However, there may be criticism from others  (in the Congratulations card, other women are looking on in envy and the Criticism | 7 of Clubs card is next to it.). I may also have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role (Leader | King of Clubs).

It also looks like I'll have the opportunity to express my concerns about something, possibly getting something off my chest (combination of Criticism and Conversation | 3 of Clubs). What I love about these cards is the patterns you'll see. The Criticism and Conversation characters are making similar gestures, thus showing a strong connection and congruence between these two cards. This combo can also reveal an opportunity to receive constructive criticism and advice.

If we turn the cards over, we see the playing card side gives even more information. 

First, we see that Clubs predominate. This shows that I will need to manage frustration and impatience this month regarding these opportunities. We can also look at the numerical theme to reveal the overall theme for the month. We add the numbers of each card 9 + 7 + 13 + 3 = 32 and reduce the number by adding again 3 + 2 = 5. Five (5) is the numerical theme.

Now, I understand the frustration and impatience energy of the Clubs. The 5 numerical theme reflects a conflict between pleasing others vs. pleasing self. There is usually a power struggle involved. When the 5 theme appears, you desire to assert your freedom and break away from the crowd. During a five vibration, criticism is especially difficult hear because you're not trying to play nice with anyone. I've already begun feeling this energy so I must watch for behaviors and words that cause division.

The playing cards give me more insight into my outlook for the month, forcing me to look at the images a little differently. I may be faced with potential conflict in the form of criticism, possibly from an authority figure (Leader), but I should receive it as an opportunity rather than a threat. There may be haters around (Congratulations) trying to defeat my pride but I need to focus on celebrating my growth and accomplishments.

What do you think about using the playing card side 
to get additional information?

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