Monday, December 5, 2016

a Christmas Spirit Oracle reading with the Grateful Gatherings Spread

I found the Grateful Gatherings Spread, a delightful Thanksgiving spread created by Ariel at Maven Unmasked, and re-purposed it for Christmas.

The Table - where is there stability in your life? SWEETS. In my romantic life ❤️️

Cornucopia - what abundance is overflowing in your life? CHURCH. My Divine connection.

Wishbone - how are your manifesting abilities at this time? SNOWMAN. I can only manifest temporary joy.

Food Coma - where are you sleeping too much/being lazy in your life? CHRISTMAS LIST. I'm being lazy with my to-do list.

Holding Hands - how can you be more of service to others at this time? SNOWFALL. Give them peace and quiet. Allow them to rest.

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