Friday, December 9, 2016

coming in January ~ Life Path Challenge 2017

Join me in the new year to explore the Life Path Cards in more depth. We'll be using the cards for exercises, pathworking meditations, and vision boards.

Get your Life Path Cards today:

Download the free guide for the deck in the FREEBIES section of this blog.

I'll be posting exercises each week here on my blog and on Instagram (@otmoraclecards) using #lifepathchallenge2017. Follow me so you won't miss anything.

Here's the tentative lineup based on the days in January. Exercises will be posted for weekdays (Monday - Friday) only. Use the weekends for catching up.

Week 1
2. Light & Shadow exercise
3. Pathworking Meditation
4. 2016 Life Path
5. 2017 Life Path
6. Vision Board - New Year’s Resolution

Week 2
9. Pathworking Meditation - Relationships
10. The High Road
11. The Low Road
12. The Road Not Taken
13. Vision Board - Relationships

Week 3
16. Pathworking Meditation - Life’s Work
17. Obvious Path
18. Hidden Path
19. Choices and Options Spread
20. Vision Board - Life’s Work

Week 4
23. Pathworking Meditation
24. Inner Landscape
25. Outer Landscape
26. Choices and Options Spread
27. The Road Ahead

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