Sunday, December 4, 2016

a reading with the Christmas Spirit Oracle

To break in my new cards (which you can download for free in the FREEBIES section of this blog), I did a Christmas Tree Spread by Simone Bella from the Tarot Learning Group on Facebook.

What is your blessing or guiding star throughout your struggling moments? NUTCRACKER. My strength and perseverance to overcome life's challenges.

What gift does the Universe grant for you? JINGLE BELLS. The power of my voice to help or heal others.

What gift can you share with others? CHOCOLATE. I'm interpreting this card as pleasure and sensual experiences so not sure I want to share that with too many others lol 😂

What gift can you share with yourself? SNOWFALL. Rest. Peace and quiet. A snow day. Yes please!!!

What new life or new journey is emerging for you? CHURCH. A reconnection with the Divine and the divinity within.

What gives you renewed hope and faith as you enter the new year? CHRISTMAS TREE. That the new year will be a time of rebirth and growth.

Download the deck plus a brief guide to using the cards in the FREEBIES section. 

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