Monday, May 9, 2016

#storiesandoracles Day 5: The Gingerbread Man: Cooking Up Creativity

I'm doing a half-ass job at participating in this month's #storiesandoracles challenge on Instagram created and hosted by @thebookishfox @waves_0f_grace and @mytarot3. But these spreads are just so clever I want to share some of them with you!! This challenge presents a month of spreads created by the hosts and based on fairy tales. And who doesn't like fairy tales?! This one is based on the story of the gingerbread man. Here's my reading.

The Gingerbread Man: Cooking Up Creativity Spread 

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Card 1: Where does my inspiration come from? 9 of Fire
I specifically used this deck because I used elemental suits and was hoping a minor arcana card would show up here to represent what element produces my inspiration. I'm inspired by Fire which to me relates to quick, frenetic energy that needs an outlet. I also think of the 9 of Fire as the worst-case scenario card. It's about waiting for the shoe to fall or preparing for the worst (but expecting the best!). This is actually the source of my inspiration for a lot of things. I like to be prepared for everything so I'm constantly learning.

Card 2: What can I do to remain open to the creative ideas that come to me? 3 of Air
Stay hungry. Notice the open mouths of the baby birds waiting to be fed. To remain open to the creative ideas that come to me, I need to keep desiring them. They are like food or sustenance to me.

Card 3: What is my most treasured creation? Knight of Water
I'm interpreting this as emotional depth. I usually see this card as diving deep into the emotional depths. My most treasured creation is my emotions and deep sensitivity. 

Card 4: How can I share this gift with the world? 5 of Air
Haphazardly?! The 5 of Air shows birds flying out of formation. They may even have gotten into a bit of a squabble about their direction. Air suggests communication, speech, and discussions. So perhaps this means I can share my gift with the world through talking or communicating in some way.

Card 5: What do I need to let go of to allow my ideas to grow and evolve? The World
Hmmm. I often think of pride when I see the peacock so that's something to let go of. But The World also suggests maybe I'm thinking too big or too broad. I don't need to get my message out to everyone. Just the few who really want and need it. 

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