Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#storiesandoracles Day 12: Robin Hood

Here's another spread from the #storiesandoracles challenge on Instagram. This time, the spread is based on the story of Robin Hood.

Card 1: Robin Hood ~ How can I be the hero in my own story? SHARE WHAT YOU CAN SPARE
This card has been popping up a lot lately. It's a warning not to stretch yourself too thin. Being generous is a virtue but not at the cost of your health or sanity. It's funny that this card shows up in the Robin Hood position since his good deeds centered around generosity to others. But this message tells me I need to share only what I can spare of my time, energy and assistance so I won't feel so burned out and overextended. 

Card 2: Maid Marion ~ How can I be my own lover? STOP COMPARING
This card tells me to stop comparing  my skills and talents and progress with others. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Card 3: The Sherif ~ How am I the villain in my own story? SET YOUR SIGHTS HIGHER. In this case, I interpreted this card as what I'm NOT doing. I'm not setting my sights higher and striving to get what I truly deserve out of life. I'm playing small instead of thinking big!

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Card 4: Little John ~ How can I be my greatest support? LOVE YOUR REFLECTION. How perfect is this? I can support myself by simply loving who I am.

Card 5: King Richard ~ How can I rescue myself? EXPLORE
I think in light of the other cards this one is about exploring new possibilities, getting out of my comfort zone, and thinking of life as a grand adventure.

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