Thursday, June 16, 2016

what is your dominant psychic gift?

Many people believe that psychic ability is necessary to read cards. Not so. Divination is a system. The better the system you create, the better your card readings. But we all want to be magical so here's a way to make you more aware of your magic in the form of psychic gifts.

Extra sensory perception or psychic ability is the ability to perceive beyond the five senses. It usually manifests in the form of one of these four "clairs." In this case, "clair" means clear as in perfect clarity.

Clairvoyance is clear seeing. This might manifest as seeing a movie unfold about the person's life when you do a reading. It can also manifest as having vivid prophetic dreams.

Clairaudience is clear hearing. This might manifest as hearing your spirit guides or angels communicate with you. You may also hear music or sounds from other dimensions.

Claircognizance is clear knowing. This might manifest as just knowing what a reading is about when you look at the spread, even without interpreting the cards. It can also show up as knowing when someone is about to call you.

Clairsentience is clear feeling. This appears as a physical sensation. For example, you might get a zing in your hand when you touch an important card. I also include empathic ability - to feel what others feel - under this ability as well.

Typically, people will have one or two dominant modalities. It's helpful to know which ones are dominant or more natural to you if you want to strengthen them. I also think it's useful to know your abilities so you can market your services more accurately. For example, if you're doing clairvoyant readings with tarot cards, you should state that when you market your tarot services. 

To perform this reading, use a deck of playing cards. Remove the Jokers. Shuffle the cards with the focus, "What is my dominant psychic gift?" Refer only to the card suit and use this key for your interpretation.

Diamonds = Clairvoyance
Clubs = Clairaudience
Spades = Claircognizance
Hearts = Clairsentience

If you happen to choose a face card, you may also have a special purpose or role for sharing your gift.

Jack = Networker. Your role is to help others connect about their psychic abilities. An example might be starting a Facebook group on this topic.
Queen = Teacher. Your role is to teach others how to develop their psychic abilities.
King = Leader. Your role is to guide others and perhaps pioneer new concepts in this field.

Alternatively, you can ask, "What are my primary and secondary psychic gifts?" and choose two cards. To find out how to develop your abilities or ways you can apply your abilities, choose a card from a tarot or oracle deck.

I asked, "What are my primary and secondary psychic gifts?" and received the 3 of Diamonds for clairvoyance and the 8 of Hearts for clairsentience. The clairsentience makes a lot more sense to me since I definitely feel everything. The cards show that my clairvoyant ability is a bit weaker since it's only a number 3 on a scale of Ace - King. I went to my Tarot Everywhere deck for some clarification. I asked, "What do I need to develop my clairvoyance?" and "How can I use my clairsentience?"

To develop my clairvoyance, perhaps I need to practice aeromancy or cloud divination as the King of Swords appears to be doing. Seeing patterns and shapes in the clouds is a great way to develop clairvoyance and the ability to scry.

The 4 of Pentacles depicts a super cluttered space and reminds me of the Soul Full Spaces Consulting I've done in the past. I should continue to use my clairsentience to dowse for energy drains and geopathic stress that prevent people from living comfortably in their homes.

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