Thursday, May 5, 2016

May rewards and other news

Here's what's going on this month on Patreon and beyond!

First of all, a hearty thank you to all of my Patreon patrons for your donations last month. Your support helped me to purchase some prototype decks that I'm currently working on, including a unique Kipper deck concept.
If you're wondering what Patreon is, it's a place where you can support your favorite ongoing creative projects and creative people. I've decided to use it as a repository for all my goodies (my divination ebooks; tutorials on making your own tarot or oracle deck; sneak previews of decks in progress; FREE readings with new decks; a study group for practicing tarot and other forms of divination; mentoring feedback; and much more) Plus, you can participate in my deck creating process by providing input on artwork and card interpretations!
I've decided to launch The Geomancy Deck this month after a request on Instagram and an increased interest in this subject from the divination community because of Kelly's (The Truth in Story) recent YouTube lessons on geomancy.

This month on Instagram, I'm sharing a mini-course on the 16 figures of geomancy. I'll be pulling this information + additional resources and background on geomantic divination into a little ebook as a reward to share with my Tier 2 ($5/month) Patreon supporters.

For next month's Tier 2 reward, I'm planning to share an ebook on tarot and handwriting. It will expand upon my recent blog post. I think you'll get some surprising insights about both tarot and your handwriting!!

Patreon posts you missed last month (these posts are only accessible by patrons):

Have you tried the Wayne Cook posture?

What apps save in high resolution?

On The Road Again: A Spread for Life Path Cards

Life Path Cards Exercise: Light & Shadow

Prototype Update

Video Tutorial: 3 apps to create black and white photos

Digital Archive for Photos and Illustrations

This month, in my private Patreon stream, I'll also be sharing...
  • FREE readings using deck prototypes
  • sneak previews of decks in progress
  • an exercise to develop your psychic ability
  • a tarot timing exercise
  • a unique wallpaper based on a new Kipper cards deck concept
How can you get access to my private Patreon stream? Just become my supporter. You can make a pledge as low as $1/month.

~ Kristen

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