Friday, April 1, 2016

how to determine timing with tarot cards

People often want to know WHEN will something happen. This is easy to determine with playing cards. There are 52 cards (minus Jokers) in a playing card deck so each card can reflect one week of the year. Therefore, you can determine timing down to the week of the event.

But how do you determine timing with a visual deck like tarot? With a visual deck, you need to rely on cues from the scene.

Also, I've discovered when it comes to timing, the reading often shows timing is in accordance to  personal development. Your timing card is often telling you -- THIS will happen when THIS occurs. For example, you'll meet your soulmate when you take a leap of faith (Fool).

Each card also has a natural sense of speed as well. The 8 of Wands is fast while The Hanged Man is slow. You can combine this speed symbolism with the number of the card to get your timing answer. Days = fast; Weeks = medium; Months = slow. I don't give timing for more than a year typically because so many variables can change within that timeframe.

Let's look at the images above. How would you interpret them as timing cards for the question: "When will my life change for the better?"

The Magician
  • immediately (based on hand positions)
  • in the spring (flowers blooming)
  • 1 day (number + speed)

The Hanged Man
  • when you turn your life around
  • when you see things from a different perspective
  • 12 weeks/3 months (number + speed)

5 of Wands
  • when you're ready to fight for what you want
  • 5 days (number + speed)

2 of Cups
  • when you're ready to share
  • when you find your soulmate
  • 2 weeks

4 of Swords
  • after a break
  • after some time spent in meditation
  • 4 months 

Wheel of Fortune
  • 1 year (one revolution around the sun)
  • when you go back to school (all of the animals are reading books)

5 of Pentacles
  • when you're down to your last dime
  • when you ask for help
  • 5 weeks
  • during winter (snow is on the ground)

The Fool
  • right now (number is 0)
  • when you take a leap of faith
  • when you reach a higher state of consciousness (on a mountain) 
  • when you get a pet (little dog by his side)

What else can you come up with?

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