Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Equinox Spread with Nature's Gift Guidance Cards

I found this great Spring Equinox Spread over at New Age Hipster's blog. This seemed a good spread to use with my deck, Nature's Gift Guidance Cards.

The reading begins at the bottom like a plant in bloom.

Card 1: Roots - EXPANSION. Vix describes this card as holding the magic of seeds you've sown over the past few months or years. This is definitely a time of expansion, culminating from the last few years of preparation. I'm embarking on a completely new path this year.

Card 2: Stem - BEAUTY. This card is a reminder of your strengths. Beauty has a personal story for me of the ugly duckling and how she became a beautiful swan. This is kind of the story of my life. It's a reminder of my inner strength and confidence.

Card 3: Bud - RISK. This card represents your potential future for Spring. I'm taking a huge risk and moving across the country to be with my boyfriend. It doesn't happen until summer so this Spring is about downsizing and preparing.

Card 4: Budding - DEPARTURE. This is where I'm headed. Yep, making a departure real soon.

Card 5: Blossom - SOLITUDE. This card shows something that is already blossoming. Yes, right now I'm alone enjoying my solitude but soon I'll have to learn how to live with someone again.

Card 6: Prune This - PROGRESS. I think this card may be saying to stop looking too far into the future. Just focus on the present.

Card 7: Prune That - WISDOM. Wisdom is about accumulated knowledge and experience. I always want to know more....about everything. This helps me to plan ahead. But these last two cards suggest there's nothing I can really do to plan for my new life. I just need to be adaptable to change.

Card 8: Bloom - ACTIVITY. This card shows what's working in your life this season. Well, I'm definitely busy, but in a good way with paid projects.

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