Monday, February 22, 2016

my creative process as seen through tarot cards

Someone on the Alternative Tarot Network was asking about how creativity is expressed through the tarot suits and I gave this response. I think it aptly sums up my creative process of making a tarot or oracle deck.

The Classic 1910 Tarot (Fools Dog app)

During the Cups phase, I'm the creative vessel. The deck concept is just swimming inside me but I'm not ready to take any action. This is more like the 7 of Cups moment when I have lots of ideas and I'm content to just daydream about them.

When I decide to take action and make the deck, I move into Wands phase. I'm searching for artwork (3 of Wands) and having internal discussions (5 of Wands) about which cardstock and fonts to choose. During this phase, I'm focused and working hard (10 of Wands) on bringing life to the deck concept.

The next phase is Swords. Every creative project requires editing -- the moment when you eliminate any unnecessary pieces (5 of Swords) or decide to go in a different direction (6 of Swords).

The final phase is Pentacles, the manifestation of the actual deck when I receive it from the printer. All the hard work has been done (8 of Pentacles) and I can enjoy the reward of using the deck for personal readings (9 of Pentacles) or sharing it with others (10 of Pentacles).

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