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the numerology of tarot

The numbers of the tarot trumps and pips provide a wealth of information in a reading.

Numerology Basics

Before you can really interpret the cards, it's good to have a basic understanding of the energy of each number. The first thing to learn is that there are only 10 numbers, 0 - 9.

0 - potential, wholeness, infinite possibilities
1 - beginning, leadership, independence
2 - waiting, partnership, balance, choice
3 - expanding, creativity, growth
4 - contracting, foundation, stability, commitment
5 - changing, adventure, freedom
6 - reaching equilibrium, responsibility, reward, transition
7 - preparing, self-preservation, clarity, imagination
8 - advancing, movement, progress
9 - completing, attainment, anticipation

The Truth About The Tens
Many people believe the tens in the tarot pips are about completion. But 9 is the final number. There is nothing after 9. The number 10 is really 1 + 0 which equals beginnings + infinite possibilities. With this concept in mind, you may see these tens in a new light.

The Classic 1910 Tarot (The Fool's Dog app)

Numbers Reflect Shared Meanings
All of the cards with the same number have meanings that reflect, in some way, the essence of the number. A great exercise is to go through the trumps and find all the 1 cards. There are 3 trumps that reflect the number 1. The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune (10 = 1 + 0 = 1), and The Sun (19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1). Look at them side by side and try to determine how the number energy is reflected in each card. You might also notice some visual similarities between the cards. Do this for the rest of the numbers.

The Classic 1910 Tarot (The Fool's Dog app)

Another exercise is to take a trump card and match it with the pip cards that reflect the same number. Again, look at them side by side and try to determine how the number energy is reflected in each card. You might also notice some surprising visual similarities between the cards.

The Classic 1910 Tarot (The Fool's Dog app)

Numbers Reveal How Situations Develop
Numbers can be used to show the stages of a situation and how it will unfold. The numbers in a reading can show whether the seeker's situation is in its beginning, middle or ending stages. Low numbers such as Ace through 3 reveal a situation in its early stages while numbers 8 through 10 signal something is ending and a new cycle is about to begin. This holds true for the trumps as well. You've probably heard the trumps referred to as the fool's journey. Well, The Fool through The Chariot represent the beginning of the journey; Strength through Temperance is the middle stages of the journey; and The Devil through The World is the end of the journey.

You can also see HOW the situation is developing. Use the bold words from the Numerology Basics list above to see how a situation might evolve regarding the seeker's question.

The Classic 1910 Tarot (The Fool's Dog app)

For instance, in a reading with the 3 of Cups, 5 of Wands, and 4 of Swords, we can say that the situation is expanding (3) changing (5) and contracting (4). Whatever the reading is about, the seeker will go from experiencing an expansive state to a more structured and, perhaps, confining experience.

Repeating Numbers Identify Challenging Lessons
Just like recurring dreams, recurring numbers in a reading show there's an important message that's not getting across. When you don't get the message, it's repeated so you'll take notice.

When two pip cards of the same number appear, this gives you a snapshot of the key issues and challenges. The suit combination of the two cards shows the seeker's focus and concerns. The number reveals the secret question they have regarding this issue. (Also check the numerical theme for the REAL question).

1 = when can I get started?
2 = are we compatible?
3 = should I continue with this?
4 = why am I stuck?
5 = why can't we get along?
6 = is it worth it?
7 = what action/path should I take?
8 = what's my next step?
9 = how can I release the past and start over?

For instance, a woman asks, "Where is my relationship headed within the next 30 days?"

The Classic 1910 Tarot (The Fool's Dog app)

There is an 8 numerical theme which tells us her REAL question is "What's my next step?" There are two fives in the reading with a suit combination of Wands-Swords. This tells us she's most likely concerned about arguments, fights, and deceit because her secret question is "Why can't we get along?" You can see from this example how much information the numbers reveal before even interpreting the cards.

When three pip cards of the same number appear in a reading, the seeker is learning a lesson about how to integrate the energy of the number. They may be very puzzled about what action to take or how to proceed. The missing card suit reveals what is needed to help learn this lesson. Wands = a need for action and assertion; Cups = a need for compassion and connection; Pentacles = a need for structure and security; Swords = a need for elimination and acceptance.

When four pips of the same number appear in a reading with 10 cards or less, this is a rare occurrence. It shows the seeker has integrated lessons related to the number and completed a major cycle of experience.

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