Monday, December 28, 2015

use tarot suit combinations to find the reading's theme

When you perform a tarot reading, sometimes you'll find that two card suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles) predominate. These two suits provide a theme for the reading. They help clarify what's actually going on in the seeker's life. Here’s a list of suit combinations and possible meanings.

Wands – Pentacles 

The Classic 1910 Tarot (The Fool's Dog app)
  • business deals and negotiations 
  • conflict between settling down and being adventurous 
  • job-related travel 
  • career change 
  • a sudden change in a secure relationship 
  • questioning one’s identity 
  • changes in the work environment 
  • moving to a new home 

Wands – Cups 

  • passion and sex 
  • restlessness in relationship 
  • creativity through artistic endeavors 
  • a new relationship 
  • things happening very quickly 
  • vacation or pleasure-related travel 
  • following your dreams 
  • pipe dreams 

Wands – Swords

  • competition
  • arguments and fights
  • deceit
  • overcoming significant odds
  • illness and health problems
  • giving up 

Cups – Pentacles 

  • marriage
  • security in relationship
  • a passive approach to life
  • desire for security
  • a family business
  • control issues in relationships
  • assistance given or received 

Cups – Swords 

  • separation and divorce
  • infidelity
  • emotional loss and disappointment
  • unhappiness
  • jealousy
  • shattered dreams  

Pentacles – Swords

  • financial trouble
  • breakdown in marriage
  • layoff or quitting jobs
  • delays
  • debts
  • disputes over money
  • worries about security and stability
  • lawsuit

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