Saturday, March 7, 2015

the bright side of spades cards

Spades represent energy blocks that prevent progress in a certain direction. They are bound to appear in your readings so it’s best to see them in their most positive light. 
Over the Moon Oracle Cards are a hybrid oracle deck ~ playing cards on one side and visual oracle on the other

Rejection | Ace of Spades tells you that something in your life isn't a good fit. Now you can discover what is a good fit. 

Separation | 2 of Spades tells you it's time to get distance and find your own identity.

Interference | 3 of Spades teaches you to set boundaries in unhealthy relationships.

Delay | 4 of Spades tells you that there may be disappointment today but the sun will come out tomorrow.

Conflict | 5 of Spades tells you it's best to clear the air and express your anger rather than bottling it up.

Resentment | 6 of Spades shows where you're holding on too tightly and how to release your need to control everything.

Caution | 7 of Spades speaks for itself. It shows where are you lacking clarity and need to proceed slowly.

Restriction | 8 of Spades forces you to slow down and savor each moment.

Tears | 9 of Spades helps you release the old to prepare to receive new blessings.

Loss |10 of Spades says you’ve reached a dead-end and there’s no where left to go but up.
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