Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Q&A: where is the job or work card?

This is a question asked by a student in my course, Your Future Is In the Cards. It's a question I get all the time about my method of cartomancy so I thought I'd share it here.

I have always understood the suit of Clubs to be a "good" suit. It has to do with jobs, work, career, and the effort and energy we must expend to acquire resources. However, when I look through your card meanings for the suit of Clubs, there doesn't seem to be any mention of jobs, career, or work in the definitions. Can you help me with this?

This is a great question and I agree with your perspective on how Clubs energy manifests.

One of the questions readers have is how to interpret suits in readings that seem to be about unrelated life topics. For instance, how to interpret Diamonds cards in a romance reading or how to interpret Hearts cards in a reading about a job. I wanted my playing card divination system to address that.

There is no card specifically on job, career or work because I think of the suits in terms of actions that can affect different areas of life.

Cards from the suit of Clubs

The Suits In Action

One way to understand the suits is to think of each suit as a set of actions.

Clubs = act, create, move, progress, travel, defend, start, push, wait, expand, rest, motivate, complete

Hearts = love, feel, connect, embrace, share, commit, give, offer, forgive, dream, pray, wish, desire

Diamonds = earn, have, own, build, secure, purchase, acquire, exchange, increase, spend, receive, plan, prepare, attain

Spades = block, inhibit, limit, freeze, lose, remove, interfere, destruct, fear, regret, lie, deny, grieve, run away, attack, punish

An Example
The suits help you to see the person's actions, the way they think and how they will react to a situation.

Let’s say Bill and Ann are arguing over whether the time is right to sell their home and downsize since their children have left home. Bill receives a Diamonds card and Ann receives a Clubs card. Bill wants to stay put because he earned the money to build the home and it has provided everything they need. He’s concerned about what they will receive for the home in this market and he thinks it’s a more stable base to prepare for the future. He is patient and persistent in getting his point across. Ann is ready for change and progress and she is ready to take action. She wants to travel and have the freedom to move around. She thinks they should expand their horizons. She’s feeling frustrated and impatient.

Cards from the suit of Clubs

Interpreting the Cards for a Work/Job/Career Question

Here is how I'd look at some of the cards for the question, "What can I expect on the job in the next few months?"

Ace of Clubs - an offer or invitation to take a new job or position

2 of Clubs - you're not sure if you should stay. You're asking, Should I stay or go?

7 of Clubs - being criticized at work. A threat to your work reputation.

8 of Clubs - work travel

10 of Clubs - burnout, exhaustion

Ace of Hearts - you love your work

5 of Hearts - work is fun

8 of Hearts - you have a change of heart about your job, you desire something more

10 of Hearts - working for a family-owned company

2 of Diamonds - moonlighting, having 2 jobs

3 of Diamonds - a small increase in your workload or paycheck

5 of Diamonds - this job is becoming a liability, too risky

8 of Diamonds - a status change, could be a promotion or demotion

Ace of Spades - quitting the job

4 of Spades - disruption and delays

5 of Spades - conflict and arguments with co-workers

8 of Spades - feeling trapped in this job

10 of Spades - termination

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