Friday, March 13, 2015

will i ever get married?

Here is a sample 3-card reading using The Cinderella Deck.

Will I ever get married?

Here are the cards chosen.

We notice right away that Cinderella is in three different outfits. In the first, she's in rags. In the second card, she's wearing a silk gown. And in the third card, she wears a wedding dress. This shows your progression from where you are now (mentally in rags) to where you will be (married!)

Card 12 shows Cinderella and the fairy godmother trying to turn the rats into stylish footmen for the carriage. Cinderella seems to be admonishing them to behave. This card shows where you are now. Perhaps you're wondering if you can turn a rat into a gentleman. Do you have  a particular person in mind or do you believe that all men are rats?

Card 16 reveals the real issue or problem. This may reflect what holds you back from getting married. Cinderella is at the ball and is flirting and playing a cat and mouse game with the Prince. They are not really connecting with each other. In light of the first card, this card can relate to cheating and infidelity. Perhaps you've experienced this in a previous relationship and now you are keeping your distance. 

The final card, Card 29, reveals the outcome. It shows you (Cinderella) and your Prince Charming entering the castle (your own home) together as husband and wife. This reading doesn't give an obvious path to achieving this goal, however, I think we can look at the numerical theme for more insight. The numerical theme of the reading is 3. This suggests that you are ready to expand your horizons, meet new people, and start dating. Get rid of those rags (negative mindset), stop trying to turn rats into gentlemen, put on some silk gowns (build up confidence), find someone you can really connect with and stop playing games. That's how you'll find your Prince Charming.

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