Friday, February 20, 2015

will we be in an exclusive romantic relationship?

Here is a sample 3-card reading using The Cinderella Deck.

I've known this guy for years and it hasn't been until now that I've really taken an interest in him. He's always been into me and I've always rejected him. Lately, the more I'm around him and the more I get to know him, the deeper I'm falling for him. I'd like to know if we become exclusively in a romantic relationship with each other?

Here are the cards chosen.

Card 25 shows Cinderella asking to try on the slipper. This card appears when you know what you want and you're ready to go after it. Unfortunately, the other two cards suggest that things won't go the way you want. Card 19 shows Cinderella fleeing from the ball and Card 1 shows her sitting by the fire at the very beginning of the story. So, it looks like this story goes backwards instead of forwards toward a happy ending. Card 19 often appears when two people just can't get their schedules together. A planned event never materializes. Card 1 can signify pessimism and giving up hope. So, this reading doesn't say that he's not interested. Instead, it shows that there may not be good timing for this romance right now.

The numerical theme of 9 emphasizes this. It shows that you want something new to begin but energetically you're not ready. There may be unfinished business that needs to be addressed before pursuing this romance. Try not to give up hope on it. Keep your head up!

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