Monday, February 23, 2015

will he leave his wife and be with me?

Here is a sample 3-card reading using The Cinderella Deck.

I've been seeing a man who has been on again off again with his wife for over a year. He keeps telling me that he's going to leave her for good and we can be together. Will he leave her and be with me?

Here are the cards chosen.

Card 5 relates to receiving an offer or invitation. This is a call to new action and change. Perhaps this guy has made you an offer to start a new life with him. Card 19 shows Cinderella leaving the ball, without the Prince. This card often appears when things don't go as you plan. These first two cards seem to say, Yes, you've received an offer to be with this man BUT how can it be possible that you two can really be together? The final card, Card 12, reveals the outcome. In this card, we see Cinderella and the fairy godmother trying to turn the rats into dashing coachmen. She seems to be scolding them to behave. This suggests that in the future you will still be trying to turn a rat into a gentleman.

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