Tuesday, February 17, 2015

letting your ex go ~ a sample reading with The Cinderella Deck

I found this terrific spread on Love Dove Tarot where you'll find the most specific and unique love tarot spreads!

Card 1 represents the emotional and energetic hook your ex still has in your heart, gut or solar plexus.
Card 2 represents what you need to let go of now. This could represent a thought pattern or habit.
Card 3 represents what you need to introduce into your life. 


Card 12 represents the emotional and energetic hook still left by your ex. In this image, the fairy godmother is about to turn 3 rats into footmen for the carriage. Cinderella seems to be admonishing them to behave because they are, after all, rats! This card can show that you are still hoping your rat turns into a gentleman. It can reflect some ratty behavior that you haven't yet recovered from.  

Card 18 represents what needs to be released. The clock has struck midnight and Cinderella realizes her magic will soon wear off. This card shows that you feel time is running out in some way. Perhaps you are afraid you've run out of time for marriage or children. With this mindset, we often desperately cling to the wrong potential partner in fear that we won't ever get another opportunity for love. This is an attitude that needs to be released. 

Card 11 shows what needs to be embraced. Cinderella is bringing the mice inside in a cage to transform them into the horses. One of the visual connections we can make is between this card and the first image - rodents are in both images. This final image might be saying to put that rat in a cage, or control his influence in your life.

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  1. Beautiful spread. I did it and will post what I got in the study group a little later. I used both the Cinderella and the OvertheMoon decks.